Calling all red Balenciaga owners/lovers for advice!

  1. Hi red Bbag ownwers!!
    I am very close to purchasing a red city. I just bought a black first today, (also my 1st Bbag), and saw the red city for the first time. Since getting home from my day of shopping I can't get the gorgeous red out of my mind and am thinking of going back and exchanging bags. (I'm not sure of the 'official' colour name!) Anyway as I'm usually a black bag kind of a girl I was wondering how versatile having a red Bbag is? Do you ever find that it can clash? And do you think they work for all seasons?!:confused1:
  2. ;)
    I have a rouge vf and it is so fun! I call it my night and weekend bag! Goes great with jeans, khaki, blacks, browns, whites, almost everything! And it's a wonderful pop of yummy red! I'd say keep your black AND get the red!!;)
  3. I love love love my Rouge Vif!
  4. I know exactly how you feel. I was looking at the brown and camel ones and then saw the red one... it was TDF.

    I know I was nervous the first time I bought a colored bag. I really depends on what you wear. Do you wear mostly colors or neutrals? For neutrals I like to have something pop the outfit and a colored bag is great for that. If you wear mostly colors, I prefer toning them down with a neutral bag unless the color is in the outfit. You can really wear it with anything as long as the colors don't clash.

    I'm not someone who likes to mix brown with black and I wear both throughout the week so I got sick of switching bags all the time. With a colored bag, it goes with all the neutrals so I never have to switch. As for other outfits, it usually goes with everything except green and orange. Yes black or brown may look better when I wear colors but red doesn't clash with much IMO. Personally I find both pretty versitale. Again it just matters what you typically wear.
  5. i love my red first! it is the perfect accent piece to any outfit. it really pops. i can't think of any color you can't wear it with. maybe pink or certain reds but other than that, it goes with pretty much anything! you'd be surprised. i love my black city but if you don't have on yet, you definitely NEED a red bag!
  6. i own a rouge vif city (see avatar). the color is incredible. i always get compliments on it, and i find myself wearing it even with outfits that don't have red in them - so my vote is to go for it.
  7. Thanku! Yes it would be ideal to have them both :nuts: but I can only afford one right now. :sad: I keep thinking that the black will always be there but that red wont!! This bag decision making thing is hard work!!
  8. I was apprehensive initially about carrying a red bag, but once I took the plunge and purchased a Rouge Vif City, I haven't looked back. It's great to wear with greys, blacks, blues and even beige tones. It's so versatile. I love it. It's a great summer bag but also looks fabulous with autumn/winter colours. Don't hesitate. You'll love it.
  9. OMG I just saw the photo of your rouge vif city and it looks sooooo good! It's funny because until the last few months I have never liked red anything but these bright reds are just delicious! :drool:
  10. One suggestion you might consider. Can you take back the black first and get a red first and a black city? I ask because I put a red city on layaway and then decided I would rather have a red first because it is such a bright color and it would be perfect for evenings out. Then you could wear the black city a lot for your more casual day to day clothes. I am keeping the red city but I am going to get a red first as well (assuming my husband doesn't end my life when he finds out). But as far as red goes, you can obviously tell I am all for them!
  11. Welcome to the board! I was in a similar situation as you when I first started out wanting Balenciaga. My first bbag was a black classique (the same one you just bought). I purchased it because I wanted to play it "safe".

    A year later and now I own 2 colored bbags and 1 black city - and no black first! After a year of neglecting it I just felt it wasn't exciting enough for me. I have a Rouge VIF City (in the picture below) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Its my favorite bbag of ALL time. I wear it more than any of my other City bags. I wear it with outfits that I could easily wear my black city with but I choose not to. It's a gorgeous deep lipstick red that gets a lot of attention but isn't too overwhelmingly garish.

    So to answer your question, my actions spoke a lot louder than my words. I sold my first and now have a RVIF City! Eventually you do want to get a black bbag in your wardrobe, it's a classic must (but maybe not as your first one!).

    At the end of the day, if you have in your hands a gorgeous black first but your mind is lusting after the red - well, it seems to me that if you were 100% enamored by your black first you wouldn't be 2nd guessing about whether or not you should have grabbed that gorgeous red bag!
  12. I saw the red city last weekend and thought it was unbelievable. I was :drool::drool:. I didn't feel I could make it work for me 100%, so I got the black city ( love 07 leather). How I know I did the right thing for me is I am not second guessing my decision. It sounds to me that your heart is really with the red city- I say go for it!!!!!!! I don't think you can go wrong with it- it truly was beautiful!!!
  13. I say get the red instead. Black is a year round, all season colour that you can get at any time. It never sells out.

    Red is a great pop colour and I find that the one you can't forget is the one you should go for. Its the one your heart kinda yearns for KWIM? Get it!!!!!!!

    I have a deep red work and love it and am already thinking that I'd love a lighter one too lol!!!
  14. I got my very first red handbag a few weeks ago and it happened to be a rouge vermillion twiggy and I absolutely love it. I used to use my black Bbag everywhere I go but now I cannot wait to take my red bag out... and the leather this year is amazing too! The red bag just adds an ! to an outfit.... it goes well with denim, brown, whites, blacks, and all my neutral colored outfits. Hope this helps.
  15. I have a Rouge Vif City (was my first bbag!) and i love it. I don't wear it as often some of my others because i wear pink and green a lot but it looks wonderful with basically everything else. I say definitely go for it! There's something about my RV City that my other bags don't have, it's really special :yes: