Calling all Pond Shoulder Bag Lovers

  1. I really want the shoulder bag in pond. I have the whiskey shoulder bag and I absolutely love it. After browsing the website today, I came across this baby. What do you guys think? Do you prefer this over the pond?
  2. I like the pond better. But I'm not a big fan of canvas bags other than totes.
  3. I agree... I like the pond better....
  4. Vote for Pond all leather.
  5. Definitely Pond all leather! I have one and LOVE it. Goes with more colors than I thought!!!!
  6. those blues look great together, but i also think the all leather shoulder in pond will look better than the canvas one. good luck! :drool:
  7. I must agree the leather is so worth it and I would go with the pond leather shoulder.
  8. I definitely prefer leather over canvas and I am absolutely in love with my pond shoulder bag! Go for it!
  9. Thanks for your input everyone!! I was leaning towards the pond anyway. Hopefully, I'll have it soon. I think it would go great with jeans.
  10. I like the pond leather, too!
  11. POND all the way. I think I must have a pond bag myself ...
  12. Definitely leather.....
  13. where oh where on the site did you find that?! i love it!
  14. i LOVE the canvas for the wallet, but for the bag, go for leather.
  15. nevermind, found it!