Calling all IPOD/MP3 Player experts

  1. I am strongly considering an IPod Nano. I want something small but not too small. I don't want to carry anything big and bulky. I also want something easy to work. Keep in mind I'm almost a little bit electronically challenged, and I'm not as cutting edge as most of you.

    So, I would love to hear pros and cons of IPods vs. MP3 Players. Also, anything about the batteries would be helpful. The SA at Circuit City told me that if you buy an IPod you have to pay $1.00 per song from ITunes. Is that true? Any help at all. I would also want to put my CD's on this thing. Is that possible? Does it cost to do that?

    Should I forget it and keep a walkman? :sad:

  2. I have a bunch of different Ipods and love them. I don't have any experience with other MP3s so can't help you there. If you get an Ipod you'll need a computer that can load Itunes. If you are a Mac user Itunes is already installed. If you have a PC you'll have to install the software that comes with the Ipod. You can purchase music through the Itunes stire for 99 cents. Music you buy from Itunes can be played on 5 different computers. You can also download your CDs onto your computer into Itunes and they'll sync onto your Ipod. It takes awhile to download CDs maybe a couple of minutes per CD or you can choose to download just a song or a couple of songs. This is free--just takes time.

    New Ipods have excellent battery life. YOu charge like a phone. On the Ipod you can also store your calendar, address book, alarms, pictures, and games. If you get the Ipod video you can download movies/tvs. Oh, and on the Nano you can also download audio books but tehy're expensive. Feel free to PM with more questions.

  3. I have an iPod nano and I love it. It's easy to work and it works well. It is true that it costs .99 per song on itunes, but you can also put all of your CDs on it for free, just make sure you get one with a big enough of capacity, some hold only 500 songs, while others hold up to 7,500 songs.
  4. If you can use tPF you'll be fine with a mp3 player. ;)

    As far as getting "new" music - you can:
    A) Get a CD (buy one or borrow from a friend)--> save the CD to your computer --> put the saved files onto your iPod... totally free!
    B) Use iTunes to download a song and pay 99 cents each
    C) Use a third-party program (like Limewire) to download songs free. This is somewhat illegal (I'm sure you've seen all the hoopla about music sharing) and a little trickier. Sometimes the song quality sucks, sometimes people mislabel songs and you end up with the wrong thing, and you can get a nice array of computer viruses.
  5. Ipods are more user friendly. It's much easier to set up. Everything is basically click and drag. They don't come with software anymore, you have to download the program, but it's free.

    MP3 players offer more options like playing short videos, that you can't do with the nano. But the set up can be more difficult and you have to do more navigation around the program to get what you want.

    If you're technically challenged, go with the ipod.
  6. Thanks everyone for your input. I really appreciate it!!!!!
  7. I have a ipod nano (new generation) in pink and absolutely love it. No cons, its perfect, id recommend it to anyone, im not technically challenged (lol) but its really simple :smile:
  8. Ipods are very user friendly :yes: and iTunes is very easy to use.
  9. get an ipod nano, and the person who told you about paying 1 dollar on itunes is not one to listen to.
    if you arent paying for a song, its illegal (unless of course, a friend gives it to you)
    itunes makes sure artists get credit!
  10. small pet peeve - ipods ARE mp3 players, so explaining the difference between them is a little tricky :lol:

    they're really very easy to use, even my mother can do it! i always tell people not to go for a nano but rather the smaller full size ipod, the price difference is really very small and you get a lot more for your money.
  11. Wow, great input from all of you. I appreciate it. You have definitely pointed me in the right direction. You guys know so much!

    Thanks for your help, I appreciate all of your feedback and the pm's.
  12. Personally, I'll never own an iPod for a couple of reasons, but admitedly, those reasons are cause I know a bit more than the avg person when it comes to pc's. First of all, iTunes. Technically, you don't have to use iTunes as there are other 3rd party apps that will substitute, but Apple REALLY wants you to use iTunes. The problem with iTunes is that you'll occassionally run into digital rights management issues, which if you're going to rip cd's or buy from the iTunes store, you won't have issue with. If you dl illegally, you will...not all the time though. Also, for the movies/tv shows/video, you have to either buy from the iTunes store, or convert your existing video to the ipod format, whereas with other players you do not. Another thing, you can't simlpy plug your ipod in to anyone's pc and transfer files (windows explorer, drag and drop onto the player). the iPod isn't recognized as and external storage device, similar to usb drives, unlike most other mp3 players. You have to load songs though iTunes (or a compatible 3rd party app) so that it can "convert" them to iPod format on the iPod.
    Finally, most other mp3 players are cheaper.

    Basically, if you have iTunes and plan to dl your music that way or buy video through them....all your friends have iTunes, an ipod should be fine. Yes, iPods are easy to use, but only if you use them the way Apple wants you to... But, if you're gonna be exchanging music with friends a lot and possibly dl illegally (or legally from a site other than iTunes) and want to spend a bit less money, look elsewhere.

    Check these alternatives out:
    SAMSUNG's Digital World - MP3 Player
    MP3 Players - Zen, MuVo, Digital MP3 Players and Accessories
    iriver Global Home
  13. ^^Thanks Charles, I will check it out. I appreciate your feedback.
  14. ^^ ITA. I have two iPods, but the next MP3 player I get will most likely be a samsung as I'm also *very* unhappy with the service - or rather lack thereof - that I got when my first iPod broke. We aren't happy if a LV comes with a flaw, so why should we accept that iPods does as we are paying a lot of money for the name, the image and supposedly the quality..

  15. ummmm... i use mine as one all the time :confused1: you just tick the relevant option in itunes. the older ones you can even use as a startup disk (all the ones with firewire that are big enough).

    as for the money issue.. for me it's not really an issue at all. i don't buy the cheapest bag that will do the job so why should i do it with an mp3 player? i buy the one i like instead. admittedly i wouldn't buy the crazy expensive b&o mp3 player but it has nowhere near enough capacity for what i want and no screen so the only reason i'd want that is that it's pretty and probably has superior sound quality.