calling all hayden harnett salina owners

  1. i got my hh salina in amethyst today....i like the bag a lot and will definitely use it, but, i'm not crazy about the lining!!!! do any of you own salina bags? what do you think about them? what colors do you have? what do you think about the linings?
  2. I have a saline in ink. I don't like the lining on the salina as much as I like the lining on my lorca. The lining is pretty and all, but the texture of the fabric... not so great.
  3. yea, I was dissapointed with the lining too. I like the bag though!
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  5. I also have a Salina in Amethyst. I like the lining (some sort of linen blend?), which is made of the same fabric as one of HH's coin purses (large orange/grey/chocolate floral print on a beige background). Songofthesea, is that the kind of lining in your Amethyst Salina? I got the bag during the April sample sale, and I'm wondering if HH ever changes its linings. For me, the bag isn't practical because I carry a lot of stuff every day, but the price was good and I love the color.
  6. hey izzo! yeah, it's the same color lining...the bag holds a TON of makeup bag, pda, phone, keys, mints, small journal and asst. pens and pencils...i love the bag, not the lining...what to do?!?!? (i'm actually tired of shopping for bags believe it or not...i've been on a "mission" for 3 a coach red patent ergo, an andrew marc that i love and then this...this has to be my last purchase for a year...) anyway, do you love your's?
  7. I have it in black and I love it. And I kinda like the lining cause it's different, you know what I mean? The leather is so soft and I can fit alot in it. I'm VERY happy with it.
  8. should i exchange the amethyst for the salina in pewter?
  9. For me, the HH buying frenzy began in February and since then I have accumulated 7 HH bags + wallets. I like the Salina because the style is so much different from the other bags, and it can be dressed up or down. Amethyst is a versatile color in that it seems to go with a lot of my clothing, but pewter is gorgeous too, and the color definitely pops. Have you seen the HH Fall 07 Lookbook? There are some bags in pewter. If you like amethyst, maybe you can pick up something in pewter later on?
  10. Oops, my mistake! Looks like the colors for fall are grey and lead, not pewter.
  11. I got the Nomade Drawstring in Fir, the Mercer Satchel in Luggage and the Salina in Pewter during the Big Bang sale a few weeks ago. The Mercer is my favorite of the three, but I've actually carried the Salina more often, it can be dressed up or down and the Pewter goes with just about everything. Kinda like a summer version of black if you kwim. As for linings, the Nomade has a Paul Merrot fabric and it's beautiful. I wish the Salina had a lighter colored lining, because the bag is deep and unstructured so I really have to dig sometimes to find things. But overall, this (Salina) bag has surprisingly become my "it" bag. :heart: it!