calling all green bbag connoisseurs ~ psychic powers would be good too! ;)

  1. so now i have this terrible urge for a green first :love: ~ this would be my fist first ~ not my first green ~ but definately my first green first ~ if you kwim :p ~ there are 3 options ~ two are reality ~ one fantasy ~ just to keep things even :wtf:

    1 ~ i have an option on a *VG* ~ love it in all the pics but have never seen one irl ~ would any kind soul have a pic that is really true to life ? ~ :flowers:

    2 ~ should i wait for 08 *emerald* ~ i can't make out the swatch in the other threads ~ are there any bbag super~sleuths out there who have any inside intel yet? :police:

    3 ~ just like 99.9% of bbag fans i would really really like a brand new *apple* first! :lol: oookkkaaayyy! ~ but it ain't gonna happen! :nuts:

    so what to do? ~ what to do?

    is anyone else craving a green ? :graucho: ~ sorry if this colour of text is making anyone feel sick ~ it looked nice in the drop down box
  2. I'm not a green bag connoisseur, but its a great color! I dreaming in GREY these days!

    Good luck finding your apple!
  3. I wouldn't say I'm a connoisseur but I love green. I think it depends on WHAT green you prefer. VG is definitely like a kelly green - bright, happy like green grass. AG is alot harder to find but if you like it hold out for it. It's a bright color though. The 08 emerald sounds alot more subtle than either the VG or AG. It'll probably be more wearable and just more toned down.
    Ask yourself which color you'd actually wear and would work with your lifestyle/wardrobe.
    To help confuse you more here's my VG brief, I think the color looks like that IRL:

  4. thanks *simona* ~ your VG brief is gorgeous :love:
  5. I love green too. Hoping to find a VG Part Time! The only green i have is a PINE.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. %@!%$!!! tHAT'S GORGEOUS!
  8. I have only seen VG in pictures & they are gorgeous IMO. Why not get it since you can get it now? Then when the new Fall green comes along, you can have an option to have a another green or give one up for the other? :graucho:
  9. that Pine GSH is gorgy! i'm not much of a green person. i do love the elegance of the colour bottle green (like the new leather bleeckers by Coach). if it's for the First style, i'd suggest a colour that's not too dark so it pops more. not sure how the 08 green looks. i'll wait for that as VG and apple are not the brighter greens i could see myself using.
  10. I definitly vote for the VG--its a kelly, grassy green thats TDF! Of course, I dig my VD though :yes:
  11. I love the green bags - my first Bal was an 06 Sapin City and I have a Pine CP - I tend to like the darker greens so I vote for VG or holding out for the new Emerald. I love the Apple Green too, but it's pretty hard to find especially if you want a new one.
  12. I had a VG Work once, but it was too much green for me. I should have got it in a First. Lovely colour, I must say...The greens I now have a Vert D'Eau and a Sapin.
  13. I'd go for emerald. I am a green person, but not digging the apple green so much.

    I tote this around ( pic was made yesterday on a sunny day):


  14. I had a GGH VG Hobo once but the GGH was too much for me. I did like the VG though very much. Here are some true to life-pics of my former bag:



  15. ^*south* ~ i can't see your pics :sad: