Calling all Chloe chicks..! Chloe Wrap boots!

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  1. Hey Ladies..

    This will be my first time buying chloe boots (see pic) they are peep toe and so yummy! :nuts: Although im a little unsure of the sizing.. They are in the latest collection..

    What do you think i'll need to take, normally take a UK 6 (39)
    I'm ordering them online, and they're in IT sizes 36.5,37 etc..

    I don't want to get the wrong size as i dont want to keep sending them back (too much hassle)!!

    Most people are saying go half a size up.. :confused1:

    Any words of wisdom would be great as i want to purchase these asap!

    Thanks x
    chloe boots.jpg
  2. Anyone at all got any advice? :wondering

  3. The difficulty with Chloe shoes is that some are made a little small and others a little big. I have quite a few pairs of Chloe shoes and always go for a 38 (I am a 37.5-38) and find that with the exception of one pair, they fit well. From the look of these it may well be that they are a little tight over the foot (I have a pair of Chloe wrap style leather sandals and the leather is pulled very taut across the foot), so if you have a very slender feet and are always comfortable in a 39 go for 39. Otherwise- if you have medium width feet, perhaps a half size up. HTH
  4. Thanks rubylola x