Calling all Chanel wallet owners...any advice?

  1. I'm deciding between the following wallets, what do you all think? Do any of you own any of these wallets? Have you had any problems with the calfskin scratching or the corners warping?

    Does anyone think that the hot pink interior of the Cambon will be dated? Although I do think the hot pink is pretty cute compared to the burgandy interior of the other wallet!

    1) Black Cambon w/ Blk patent CC's (courtesy of keykey36 in the Chanel Accessories Resource Thread)
    2) Black quilted classic wallet (courtesy of japskivt in the Chanel Accessories Resource Thread)

    *I'm not sure if I was allowed to cut and paste these photos. Swanky, feel free to delete this post if this is against the rules!
  2. I don't own any of these wallets but I can say caviar is best leather for wallet. It's the piece I abuse the most.
  3. What's the retail price on each? Out of curiosity :smile:

    But yes, caviar is a lot more durable.
  4. The Cambon is $615 and the other one (not sure of the name) is $650. The other one has more compartments and therefore is more expensive than the Cambon. Too bad neither of these are caviar, I'm not too attracted to the caviar wallets. Although I do love my GST! Thanks for your input so far =)
  5. i personally like the cambon because it is quite thin like my LV porte valuer ... but having said that, i havent seen the other side on
  6. ^^I also have the PNY wallet and it still looks great. I have been using it constantly. It has that distressed leather, so I don't think it shows every little scratch like regular lambskin might show.
  7. I also like my wallet to have a lot of compartments, so my vote goes to #2.
  8. I like the second one.
  9. Well, I have the first one, it's a nice wallet with enough space for your creditcards, coins etc. And.. I'm a huge fan of the Cambon. So, I vote for the first one ;)
  10. thank you for all your input!!
  11. I like the second one. I had the option to buy the cambone one, but feared it would not stay closed in my purse- I throw to much in it already. I opted for the PARIS NEW YORK Wallet. A few of us on the forum have this wallet and love it-
    but of the two of the ones you posted- go for #2
  12. The PNY wallet looks great, my vote would be for that or number 2.
  13. I like the 2nd one A LOT!! Does Chanel carry this style every season?
  14. I believe that they carry it every season...but i've seen it with the beige interior on the forum and also the burgandy interior. I've only seen the burgandy interior in the stores.