Calling all black gucci disco soho bag owner


Dec 30, 2012
can someone please let me know... did your bag bled any of the black dye from the bag? My bag got wet and when i wiped it, there was so many of the black dye from the leather that came off... is that normal? And some of it bled into the inside of the bag... how do you clean that??? Urgh I’m so mad at myself! Can someone please let me know is that normal? Does that haplen to your bag as well?

Mar 24, 2011
Hi all! I know, I’m too late in the game, but I’m on the market for a new bag and lately I’ve been thinking about the Dionysus in the small size. I need a bag that I can take with me when traveling, so it needs to hold an iPad mini, my iPhone, my sunglasses, a Louis Vuitton mini pochette, a pouch with hand sanitizer, lipstick, handcreme, gum, a wallet and my passport of course!
I don’t want a huge bag, because I usually travel with my Keepall 45 as a carryon, but it’s nice to have a smaller crossbody for things that I need to be on me all the time. My other options are a balenciaga city, an LV Pochette Metis or a YSL Loulou in medium, but I like how the Dionysus can also be carried for an evening. All the other bags are much more casual.
Has anyone used their small Dionysus for such a purpose?
Thank you all in advance for your replies!

Edit: sorry, wrong thread!