Calling all bedford owners!

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  1. I need your help. I just acquired a bedford via the telephone from a NY boutique and have a question. The lining doesn't fit flush with the shape of the bag. It has a bubble on the inside and a dent on the outside. Is this normal? I really love the color (Indigo) but don't want to keep a defective bag.
  2. No that's not normal. It should be flush in a circular fashion. If you can live with it, keep it. Otherwise, give them a call and return it or see if it can be fixed.
  3. I didn't think it was. It really irks me that these SAs sell defective bags. Now I have to go out of my way to return it.
  4. It's not defective. It sounds like there was a dent in the bag. It may have even happened on it's trip to you. I'm sure they will be really sorry you have to return it.
  5. Actually I just did a search here on the forum and this exact same thing happened to another member recently. (should have done a search before I bought it) I guess since this is an older bag it has been sitting around and has gotten damaged. But to my point, if an item is damaged or defective, a SA should not send it out. I do not think it got that way in shipping. The bag was stuffed, was wrapped in tissue paper, then put in a box, then put in a shopping bag, then put in a bigger box stuffed with bubble wrap. I am sorry for the rant, I am just aggravated. Thanks for trying to help.
  6. Well be sure to tell the SA that when you return it. Say how you feel. You're welcome.
  7. I'm so sorry to hear that, I think you should return it.
    Last month, I just had mine (Indigo bedford) from LV at Michigan Ave. in Chicago and everything was fine. There's no dent, water spot or any defectives. SA said the bag was sitting in the bag the whole time, so the handle still looks new & leather is still stiff.

    If you really love to have Indigo bedford, you should call 866 and have them locate one for you (or if it's in NY, you should go to examine first).
  8. Is that the same dented Indigo bedford that was mentioned some time ago? Along with loose piping and all, if I remember correctly?
  9. When I first got mine, I had the same problem with the lining. So basically there's this big air gap between the lining and the leather. I wasn't sure if it's supposed to be like that, so I took it to the nearest boutique. The SA took out a Perle bedford and it had the same lining gap too. So I suppose it's normal? :confused1: O well nothing's falling apart so I'm happy.
  10. The piping was fine on this is just the lining that is bubbling causing it to loose its shape. I am going to return it.
  11. that is what happens if vernis bags aren't stuffed
  12. Awww that sux...I would kill for that bag literally...heheh
  13. awww, sorry that happedned to you! :sad:
  14. im sorry that happened! maybe you can sell it to alvie for a discount!
  15. Wow that shouldn't have been sent to you in the first place. You should send it back - you paid good money and full retail for it, you should get at least a "perfect" piece, well as much as perfect can get!