California girls: Ban on Exotics?!

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  1. According to several sources, I’m hearing that it will be illegal to sell alligator and crocodile bags in California after Jan 1st. So sad bc am supposed to be getting a croc mini K next semester Does anyone know if there are ways around such a ban (ie will H transfer the bag to a boutique in another state so the client can purchase it there), or are we California residents just out of luck when it comes to future exotics? Any intel would be much appreciated! Here is a link to the article:
  2. Wow I wonder how this will affect boutique operations too, like push orders and stock and stuff. Hermes stock process is so elaborate already.
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  3. :eek:
  4. I heard this too. Please update us with whatever info you get. Should be interesting.
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  5. I had two independent SAs reference something similar over the past year. They each said something about H was planning to start making fewer and fewer exotics due to various regions clamping down on the sale of them. I got the feeling in the convos that similar legislation is slotted for France/Europe as well. I didn’t pay it much mind as I’m not interested in exotics but the convo was basically “well if you’re considering getting one ever, now would be better than later...”

    ETA neither of these conversations were in California.
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  6. I’m wondering if your SA can get one for you earlier; i think boutiques can exchange bags with one another to bring in a bag spec that a client wants. I’m wondering if they could do this in your boutique so you could get an exotic before the law changes (in case your store doesn’t have the specs you want).
  7. I wondered that as well, although I have already used my quota this season.. And this particular bag is pretty rare..‍♀️
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  8. My question is what happens after the ban goes into effect. Will you have to carry a certificate around with your bag to show you bought it before the ban went into effect? Most people will just assume it is embossed leather if you carry it after the ban goes into effect but just in case somebody asks, will there be some kind of certificate to show to prevent confiscation of the bag. If it follows what happened after the ivory ban, it could become increasingly difficult to resell exotics that were legally purchased before the ban went into effect.
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  9. I don’t think it will be illegal for a customer to OWN a bag, but rather illegal for someone to SELL a bag.
  10. . I live in California. The sale of python has been illegal for years. Vendors who continued to sell python were fined. I still continued to see people wearing python boots, etc and just assumed they purchased the product elsewhere. I have not heard of consumers having their python products confiscated. I assume the same will happen here. California vendors can no longer sell crocs and gators. Hermes will be fine. However, the resale stores that invested in exotics and are domiciled in California are in trouble. Now is your chance to visit those resale stores In Beverly Hills
  11. Owner would have CITES, no? And this is dated. Could be digital on the phone as many do.
  12. I didn’t make myself clear. If you bought it after the ban went into effect then it wasn’t just illegal for someone to sell you the bag. It was also illegal for you to buy the bag. And if you happen to be traveling with the bag, maybe it won’t be enough to show the current certificate that shows country of origin of the skin that comes with all exotics. Will you have to show date of purchase as well to prove it was purchased before the ban if you’re coming through customs?
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  13. Look up and read California Penal Code 653o. The law is directed only at vendors, not consumers. You will have a problem if YOU are the vendor.
  14. The ban is on purchase, not owning. I’m sure Hermes as a company will be fine but I’d imagine this will hurt some of the California boutiques with clientele who like exotics
  15. There is a lot more environmental awareness - well done California! I hope European cities and London will follow.

    It will not be illegal to wear or carry reptiles, but making it illegal to sell is a starting point.
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