1. Hello,

    I just read about leather cleaner and moisturizer.
    And, it says that do not use it on calskin.

    I just wonder what calskin is, and more importantly, how do I know which bag is made of calskin if there is no bag description available?

    TIA. :flowers:
  2. Could it be a misprint? Do they mean calfskin? :shrugs: I've certainly never heard of calskin! :lol:

    Edited to add: Just Googled calskin and it's amazing how many 'calskin' Chloe Paddingtons there are on eBay! :lol:

    calskin - Google Search
  3. Err .. Okay .. It was a typo. :sweatdrop: I meant to ask about calfskin.:nuts:

    When you see a bag, how do u know it's made of calfskin?

    Anyhow, sooooo ... there are calskin AND calfskin?
    Now, I'm more confused. :confused1:
  4. Calfskin would from a calf. Which is otherwise known as a baby cow. And, being baby skin, is no doubt more delicate than adult skin which is why using certain products on it might not be advisable. No idea how one would determine calfskin if info not included on bag literature. Maybe try applying product in question to very small area not readily visible and see what happens?

  5. Sorry, I thought you meant that the leather cleaner said that you couldn't use it on 'calskin'! :lol:

    I think they say that you can't use it on calfskin, because many high quality calfskin leathers are not colour-fast (dark calfskin leather bags can transfer dye onto lighter coloured clothes, whilst dry). I have a black and red BV calfskin bag and some of the dye from the black leather has actually transferred onto the edges of the red leather, just from wear!

    You should be able to tell if it's calfskin leather; because it will be very soft. :yes: