Calcaire Owners Wanted!

  1. I'd like to see pics of everyones Calcaire bags. Is it easy to keep clean or does it attract dirt? I'm a little scared of the lighter colored bags. I'd love to hear everyones opinions.
  2. I have one that still in the box. I bought it just right before the birth of my daughter. I love it, now that I can compare it with the White, Natural. Such a subtle pink in it. I would wear it to dinner (just the two of us). I do think on a daily basis a darker color would be better.
  3. I will post a pic of the Calcaire Shoulder I just won yesterday when I get it. Kind of regretting the purchase, impulse buy. I know I will never use it. I think I wanted it because I have never seen a Calcaire Shoulder before...

  4. You're so funny! I do the same thing sometimes just so I can say I have/had one.
  5. i've seen calcaire, dont own it, its a really cool color. I actually bid on the shoulder yesterday that Donna won.... good thing i didnt get it, dont need to spend any money!

    the lighter bags probably are harder to clean, but if you take good care of them they will probably be just fine~!
  6. Well, I used to own a calcaire twiggy. Pics are of when I was in the process of selling it. I was very good about keeping it clean and used it a good # of times. But my denim jeans rubbed on it once, as you can see from the pic. I noticed it right away because I am anal retentive about my bags, especially brand new ones and never wore those jeans with the bag again. The denim rub was actually not as dark as the picture IRL.

    Calcaire needs a bit more attention just like a white bag. I didn't mind being more mindful about caring for it just because I am that way in general with other bags. It is just a gorgeous color. I wouldn't mind owning it again!


  7. the calcaire I had, had it's finish stripped off the front, but it was still gorgeous and had the BEST leather. I sold it a long time ago.

    these photos were taken in two different rooms. the lighter one in sunlight, the pinker one in a room with a few lights on.
    funny how it looks so different and taken only seconds apart.


    calcaire4.jpg calcairefirst.jpg
  8. I have a calcaire city that I purchased last August - I took this pic when it came. It still pretty much looks the same, but I have to admit I haven't used it too frequently. In terms of color, it's my lightest bag, and I'm afraid of the wear and tear it may take if I used it everyday.
    I think the handles will be the hardest to keep clean. But I plan on using the "For Handles Only" to protect it, as well as using the strap a lot. :yes:
    Don't be afraid to purchase one, though. It's a fantastic color - I love it! :love:
    Good luck, and let us know if you decide to get one! :smile:
    100_1359 (2).JPG
  9. Cate22 your City is gorgeous!
  10. Gorgeous bag Cate22:drool:

  11. WOW cate :nuts: - - - your calcaire city looks AMAZING :yahoo: !!! Thank you for sharing your picture :flowers: :love:
    Unfortunately I don't know this color IRL - but would love one in a day ;) :yes:
  12. I had a calcaire city that i sold and now i have a calcaire box ( and a calcaire coin purse) ...
    Calcaire Box 013.jpg Calcaire 001.jpg
  13. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts and your GREAT pics!