Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner

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  2. Let's talk about Bruce, baby... :whistle:
  3. Did anyone watch his interview with Diane sawyer? I felt bad for him...he seemed so troubled. I can't imagine going my whole life feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. His children all seemed very supportive of him though, which is awesome!
  4. Yay! Bruce has his own thread!
  5. He does and it's pitifully shorter than Kris' already, lol!
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    May need to change the name of this thread when he changes it to his female name...that's why it's shorter. :smile:

    Let the transformation begin!!


  7. Please always credit your sources if you don't personally own the copyright :tup:
  8. Bruce Jenner and Diane Sawyer interview.

    Credit: abc network
    bruce-jenner-interview_1.jpg frame_ext.jpg
  9. Haha yes, we could aswell name this the Kurse forum :lol:
  10. after I watched his interview I had to ask my husband if he has ever felt like he needed to become a woman......i just need to make sure.
  11. LOL...I did the same thing. I told mine," if you ever feel the need to wear my clothes just give me a heads up first k?"

    The look he gave me was all the answer I needed.:P
  12. OMG! Me too, LOL. Just checking...

  13. lol I ask about once a I just need to know so I can bailwhile I am still young and fresh....i'm not that supportive of a spouse sorry...not sorry
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    lol I hear ya, I can deal with a lot...but this would be one of those deal breakers. I wonder if anyone has ever gotten a marriage annulled over this? .:wondering:thinkin:

  15. Idk but his 2nd wife divorced him and didn't even ask for child support. She obviously wanted to wash her hands of him--and it also makes me wonder how much access she allowed him to have w/their sons. She says she always made them accessible but idk if I believe that.

    I don't really blame Kris for not being supportive but he told you WHEN YOU MET and he had if he had lied to her for 25 years I could understand but he surprisingly seemed somewhat honest about his condition