Cabats, All Things Inside, and "Everyday Bag"-worthiness

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  1. Hello all,

    First of all, I finally got my cabat after coming home from traveling! :yahoo:The medium ebano. Unfortunately, there is a slight defect so I'm bringing it in for exchange when my local (SCP) store gets in a new one mid next week.

    But, in the meantime, I wanted to show you some pics of the Purseket in my Cabat before this was noticed. I've heard many people's concerns about the "floppiness" of the bag. Others talk about how they like to keep things organized in this huge space, so I thought perhaps to start a Cabat Storage-related thread (apologies if this has been done in the past). I will start with mine.

    I love to use the Purseket to keep my bags organized, and it's easier to switch between bags, too. With the Large size, you can expend it all the way to make it fit the tote body (I have the medium), or you can scrunch it up to let the sides of the Cabat fold in. They also help keep the form and the bag standing straight. By the way, I think there are a few other purseket-like companies as well, some which have a flashlight...

    See photos below... your turns now!



    smaller roll:

    sides tucked in:
  2. Bunkie,

    I love how you organized yours! You've sold me on the purseket.
  3. I love the purseket. I have never heard of those before.
    Can you tell me where you got it?
    THX---I absolutely love your cabat. Where did you find it?
  4. Ohh I'd never actually seen the purseket in action - that is fantastic!!!

    And your Cabat is just wonderful!! Congratulations and I hope the replacement comes in soon!
  5. Ooo, the Ebano is so luscious and rich. It's like chocolate, so yummy!!!
  6. Thanks all!
    Yes, the purseket is really great. I got mine at This is the size Large - I also got the Medium which fits perfectly into my LV Speedy 25.

    However, I would recommend looking into other competitors as well as there was one that had a flashlight inside for digging into your bag at night, attached to the organizer, but I can't seem to remember the name of the company (found out about it after purchasing this one).

    Definitely an essential!!!! I LOVE my pursekets.
  7. Ooo, the Ebano looks gorgeous! I've also never seen a purseket in action. It looks really useful...thinking about getting one.

    Congrats on your lovely bag!
  8. seeing your purseket in action makes me feel better about mine....which isn't a purseket really. My mom made me one and it looks almost exactly the same except for the fabric!
  9. That's even better! It sounds like you have an awesome mom!!
  10. I do have an awesome mom! She's done a lot for me, especially in the last year.:heart: In any case, she is quite handy. By far the thing I am most impressed with are her dog sweaters.
  11. Bunkie, thanks for the detailed pics. =)
    The bag's color is so rich and gorgeous, I love its style as well. Great choice! Hope you will get a perfect one from SCP store. =)
  12. Oh, beautiful!!! I love how roomy it is!
  13. Hey Bunkie - think you can post some pics of you wearing the cabat? Frankly, I have yet to see a lady carrying a cabat. Would be thrilling to see how you wear your Cabat. Please?
  14. Yes, yes, puuh-leeese!!! :woohoo:
  15. Are you guys serious? Haha, I have never been asked that before!! I dont think I would by any means be an ideal model for this bag... but I shall be out of my jammies in a few and on the way out the door I promise to take a few snapshots - you guys are so sweet to ask... :tender: