Cabat reveal... After a long break

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    Hi everyone, I've been staying away from this forum because I'm so weak-willed and you gals are such super enablers. However, dh just surprised me with this pretty cabat (I believe the colour is duchesse?) I just had to share it. I took it out yesterday and must say I was so afraid to dirty it! Thanks for looking:smile:
  2. Oh wow! I have a Duchesse veneta and have found the color really versatile. Your
    Cabat is a stunner!
  3. Lovely! Duchesse is my favorite yellow ever, and love this treatment! What a nice surprise!
  4. beautiful cabat. i love yellow and beautiful treatment. you have a very special bag. enjoy.
  5. Gorgeous! Congratulations on the new beauty.
  6. :faint::drool: Wow! Did you get the medium?
  7. OMG, what a gorgeous special cabat. Your DH is a keeper and BV enabler.
  8. Gorgeous and unique
  9. So elegant and unique. Congratulations!
  10. This is stunning! I absolutely love the color. Congrats :smile:
  11. Nice to see you here again! Your Paillettes Cabat is really splendid! I saw this at the boutique, and it's a really special one. Enjoy!
  12. Whooo! The paillettes cabat is a stunner!
  13. I loved this in the catalog--it's such a happy design. Love the color too. Congratulations on this special bag!
  14. Such a beautiful gift, like warm sunshine...enjoy!
  15. :woohoo::yahoo::hbeat::cloud9:
    I love this cabat
    it is gorgy
    I love the treatment to the leather
    it looks like little petals
    use it in good health
    that is a great hubby you got there