Cabas Raye GM

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  1. Hi gals!

    Need some advices..

    I really love the demin cruise collection cabas raye GM however have no luck in getting one.. i know its kinda of late now..

    Anyone have any ideas of if its possible of getting one from any of the LV boutique around the world?

    Tot of getting it off the seller from eBay but really doubt whether its the real stuffs. I am based in Singapore.

    Saw someone selling in our online action here, however she is keeping the Judy Blame Charm. Will you gals think i should get it off here since i cant get it elsewhere?

    Thanks lots!
  2. I've seen it on elux from time to time.
  3. My LV has one....
  4. I'd keep trying LV's I wouldn't buy one without the charm it's part of the bag
  5. try hong kong. I saw one there last month at the boutique in causeway bay. They even had the cruise mini pleaty raye, still kicking myself for not getting it...
  6. I actually just bought one(AGAIN!!) last month..I recently saw one at the LV in Short Hills MAll,NJ too......The SA was Stevie there if you wanna call.
  7. Buying and selling isnt allowed in the PF....after you meet MP requirements..(READ RULES IN PF)..then its a diff story!Welcome to the PF BTW!
  8. my sister's also been searching for one and there's non available throughout europe!! it's sad....good luck with ur hunt :smile:
  9. I have this bag. I really hope you find one. its so different and cute.

    Good luck
  10. i wish i got this bag when it came out but i was deciding >< and now i'm searching for one, this is the only bag on my wishlist now. good luck on your search
  11. none in Montreal, we only had one and it was sold to this girl at my university..... (ya... she used it as a schoolbag one day.....not the best idea imo)
  12. I wouldn't buy it without the charm!
  13. i actually plan on bringing mine to school sometimes if i got this bag.
  14. I thought it was fairly easy to obtain? :shrugs: If you're in the US I'm sure 866 could find you one :yes: