Cabas Piano vs. Popincourt Haut

  1. Hi ladies, did a search first to see if there was anything to compare the two different styles, but it's hard to pick through all the info when you have a toddler and a baby clamoring for attention.

    I'm looking for a tote that I'm able to throw things into when i'm running around in the morning, especially since i'm in a rush and need to throw in my kids stuff and go to their classes. I tried Chanel, but didn't find anything there.

    anyway, are the sizes comparable? the leather on the bottom of the cabas worries me, how dirty does it get? What do you think of the Haut's shape?

    thanks in advance!
  2. i love the Popincourt Haut. it's a great bag, and such a cute shape too. i don't like the shape of the Cabas Piano, and the vachetta at the bottom.

    i think the Popincourt Haut is a little smaller than the Cabas Piano, but it can hold a lot in there :yes:. i use it for school, and i can fit my wallet, cell phone, keys, makeup, pencil case and medium agenda in there
  3. I like both, have the piano.

    It holds a ton, I love the idea that i can tos everything in this bag including files and run.

    I say if you're lookingfor more room go with the piano and if the bottom bothers you get a gently used one. You will have less issues with using the bag.

    On another note, I purchased my piano before the pop haut came out.If it would have been out when i got my piano i would have bought it only because of the bottom and less worry. So i decide used and have been happy with my choice.
  4. I'm a big bag girl and I am all for the Cabas Mezzo (not the piano). I think the Popincourt is cuter. I love the little gold balls on the zipper :smile:

    Go for the Haut
  5. i vote for Popincourt Haut :smile:
  6. I love PH better less common looking but I don't know if it will have enough room for you considering you have kids.

    I think Batignolles Horizontal, Lockit Horizontal, Saleya MM will meet your need better..
  7. i think the PH is much cuter than the cabas piano.
  8. What about the Batignolles Horizontal???
  9. I vote for PH!
  10. I think the Batignolles Horizontal and Damier Saleya might be more useful. It's definitely a bag you can throw things in.
  11. im voting for PH
    ph has a much better shape than the Cabas. i think.
  12. I agree with the other suggestions to take a look at the Batignolles Horizontal instead.:yes:
  13. The cabas piano is a great bag. I like the shape of it more than of the popincourt haut. The cabas is super comfortable on the shoulders, and is a great shopping and errand bag.

    I know a few PFers have a BH, and highly recommend it. I also suggest looking into that bag, too :smile:
  14. I like how the cabas looks better but a lot of people worry about the vachetta bottom.
  15. I'd choose the PH over the Cabas, but I think BH is a better choice.