Cabas Mezzo shoulder straps?

  1. Thinking of getting one... but I live in cold Canada and would have to fit it over my thick winter coats. Is there lots of room for the straps to fit around puffy arms?
  2. i have the mezzo (and live in canada too!) and the straps are more than long enough for a puffy jacket. i say go for it!
  3. Thanks! I'm sure I will... just having scary thoughts about the vachetta bottom, so I'll probably buy a "pre-loved" one so I freak out less!
  4. Or you can get Damier saleya, chelsea or Uzes
  5. I love the Chelsea too! And the Damier Mezzo. This will be my next major decision.
  6. Yup, they're definitely long enough. I think you have to special order the Damier Mezzo though.

  7. Yes, my piano fits over my columbia winter jacket. :smile:
  8. def. long enough.
  9. Good idea!
  10. I'm thinking of the same thing, b/c I have to hibernate my speedy throughout winter :sad:

    it won't fit over my nortface jackets.....

    I gotta move somewhere that requires less puffiness so I can wear my speedy all year round...hahah...

    but, CANADA rocks! imo. ;)
  11. My piano fits over my Northface jacket.
  12. There is an optional shoulder strap you can get for the Speedy that would easily fit over any kind of jacket. :yes:
  13. I think so. The straps are pretty long. :yes: