Cabas Mezzo or Totally MM?


Mar 16, 2009
I'm craving a good all purpose (zippered) monogram tote, for some reason the Cabas is feeling more chic to me than the Totally? Agree, disagree?

The Real Diehl

In LVoe
Sep 26, 2009
The Bay Area in Sunny California
Cabas Mezzo!! It is a Classic bag I like the Totally for a "mom" bag as some members told me it resembles a diaper bag. Both cute but Mezzo is perfect! I wanted that one but I got the piano because I'm only 5'1 and didn't want a ginormous bag to hold lol.


Jan 16, 2006
I have both and LOVE both. The mezzo was one of my first shoulder bags I bought. It is my work horse of a bag. With that said, my mezzo is used...and abused!!! But well loved. The totally is an updated version, IMO. I love the side pockets and the pockets inside the bag can't be beat (which the mezzo lacks). I like the bottom of the totally better since it shows less wear. I think the mezzo must have a purse charm (at least mine must!!!), cause it tends to be slightly plain. All in all, both are great bags. I think the totally MM is a very comparable size to the mezzo, if that helps.


Apr 3, 2007
Mezzo! It's a classic and IMO looks better than the Totally. The Totally looks too much like a Mommy/Diaper bag.


Nov 22, 2006
I have the Cabas Mezzo and a Totally MM. Although I love both purses, I really LOVE the Totally MM. It's actually a very soft/pliable purse and is quite roomy (bigger than a Cabas Piano).

The Mezzo is much more stiffer and larger but you have to be careful with the vachetta bottom. It's still a great bag, but I do tend to use the Totally MM more often. I actually had considered a Totally GM but decided it was too close in size to the Mezzo, so I bought the Totally MM. I used to own the Piano, but sold it as it was too small for me. The Totally MM is a nice size. Mezzo is taller and stiffer.

If I really had to choose between the Totally MM and Cabas Mezzo, I think I would go for the Totally MM.