C.M.S.P's Club

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  1. Ok cmsp's, I really miss posting in the "shoe polish" thread...

    I think we shouldn't be very sarcastic...

    Lets just have our usual fun..:yes:
  2. What's a CMSP?

  3. I have been wondering also :confused1:
  4. what is this club ? And I'm curious to know what those initials stand for as well ?
  5. If u guys want a chat room....go to PM or IM.....perhaps?This isnt a chat room in general discussion and u guys have already had 2 threads closed...KWIM?Lets not push it.

    its fine if it stays TASTEFUL....KWIM?
  6. I almost asked that same question last night about what the letters stand for. I think they are so fricking funny though (the girls that have those letters under their names). They seriously crack me up!!:lol:
  7. It means Crazy Marker Sniffing Pervert, I think. You have to ask Prince exactly what it means, because I was only told once, and dont quite remember.
  8. megs said we could have this one also as long as its tasteful! it means 2 different things crazy marker sniffing perverts/posters or caffienated meat shoe polish.. but we say you can have it stand for whatever you want...
  9. :shame: thanks jenny, we gladly appreciate it!
  10. I guess I can change back my name then! WOOHOOO C.M.S.P 4 LIFE! lmao
  11. Everyone, feel free to join the club, there is no fee:lol:
  12. yay we have 2 threads :yahoo:
  13. since this dumb video is on my mind i have to post it. WARNING-LAME! :lol: So now for your enjoyment and/or boredom the pencils video:

    and yes, i soooooooooo DID post this video, thanks jen! :nuts:
  14. marker sniffing? like the mr. sketch kind? those smell really good!
  15. i wanna join. while its free and all..