By request: What type of toilet paper do LV owners use and how do we hang the roll?

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  1. #1 Apr 4, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2016
    LV quality has been getting a lot of crap lately so it's time for us to support the brand we love! Tell us, what type of toilet paper do you, as a LV owner, feel worthy of gracing your bottoms and how do you hang the roll?

    FullSizeRender [52025].jpg
    Charmin ultra strong is the only one for me. It's long distinguished history, fine craftsmanship, commitment to quality, and highly recognizable print makes it the only brand I trust to wipe my hiney.
    I often prefer to have the roll in the top-pull position, however if someone needs to use the bathroom after me then I have no qualms leaving it empty.
  2. Charmin, only charmin and I am too lazy to hang the roll half the time, please please people dont judge me!
  3. Waitrose Recycled TP. I don't like those triple extra soft quilted rolls. Sometimes less is more.
    I want my paper to be effective, not a cushion for my head. I hang it, and the paper flap has to be outwards, for easy access. I don't like it when my fiance hangs it the other way (towards the wall). Once after a trip to Thailand, I was inspired to fold the paper up like a little flower fan. Right after my dear fiance went in there. When I went back in, he had tried to fold the paper like I did in a flower fan as well. Aweeeeeeee:heart:
  4. I use whatever my husband loads up in the master bathroom (MY bathroom, ahem). And the roll MUST be hung over, not under! Under is so uncivilized :yucky:

  5. I only use paper towels... Bounty flushes best.

    We also installed a special XL holder next to the throne of comfort, and must be hung UNDER not over.
  6. This is really funny; my Chanel wanted to get in on the fun lol.

    Only charmin ultra soft for my bags.

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  7. So beautiful! I especially love how the dark colors of your bags bring out the true white hues of the can really see the quality and fine attention to details:loveeyes:
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    Over. Cottonelle with aloe.
    *photo credit to Etsy seller PlanetDork!
  9. Lol! Ok. I use the Costco Kirkland brand tee pee. It's soft and a good price for bulk. Lasts long compared to how much my kids use it. I know the over is actually the correct way to hang the paper but I love it under. When it's over I swear my kids slap the roll and just keep unraveling. It's easy to change ours because it's just a one sided tee pee holder.

  10. Yes, that's why I'm going under. Haven't had a clog yet with the paper towels, but willing to chance it for the deep embossing, durability, and the amount of space is covers. More bang for your butt.
  11. Costco for me. I apply the tp savings to new bags!!!

    It has to be hung "over" to fit in around here!!

    This is the funniest thread!! :lolots:
  12. Hahahaha
  13. LOL :woohoo:
  14. Always under as it sits better on the cabinet, whatever's on offer at sainsburys.
  15. I'm pretty carefree. I don't baby my toilet paper. I store it over or under. I mean, you buy it to use it right? Not to store it a certain way? Enjoy your tp with health.
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