Bvlgari one piece

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  1. I know Cartier is known for its watches and the love bracelet, Van Cleef for the Alhambra necklace, but what iconic piece is Bvlgari known for? If you wanted one iconic piece from Bvlgari what would it be?
  2. b. zero
  3. Also the Tondo Sole pendant.
  4. I think for Bvlgari there is not one specific piece, but rather a distinctive style (perhaps with the exception of the b.zero1 ring which is only 10 or so years old). Their distinctive style encompasses tubogas jewels, coin jewelry, the BVLGARI logo, and the parentesi motif. They also popularized the use of non-precious with precious materials (steel with gold, ceramic and gold, rubber with gold, etc).

    If I wanted one iconic piece it would be a bezel set ancient coin necklace in yellow gold with curb chain links(either a sautoir with multiple coins at different stations or just one coin).
  5. Thank you Radioshrink. Do you happen to have a picture of one? I didn't see it on the website.
  6. For me personally, the Serpenti collection, specially the watch
  7. Thanks. I like the b zero collection and parenthesis.
  8. B.Zero1
  9. Tubogas!
  10. out of curiousity, where does the pyramide stuff fit into bulgari's timeline?