BV toggle baguette bag

  1. This is the small sling bag that can be transformed into a clutch. How much is the regular price? Does it come in black?
  2. When Bluefly had them, they were listed at $560 retail. They had classic as well as seasonal colours, so they probably come in black, but maybe someone else can verify that!
  3. I'm pretty sure I saw a black one on bluefly. I really love mine in magnolia.
  4. Thanks for the info, but somehow I think they're all sold out on Firefly! I want to buy one for sttending to banquets/nice dinners or "just going out" too. I will wait for next season's stuff then...
  5. I think the price went up with the last price increase. they were $560 for a long time. Most stores have a good stock of this style, but it's full retail.