BV shop in Hawaii

  1. I'm on vacation in Maui and wanted to mention some of the S/S 08 bags I saw in the BV store here. They cater a lot to Japanese visitors. Repeatedly the SA told me certain styles or colors are only sold in Japan and Hawaii, not mainland US.

    There was lots of Lotus(very pale pink), Glacier (blue). Both med. and large Cabats in the Pastel mix (Venizio or something similar); the oxidized Cabat; a metallic silvery-bronze Veneta. Cabats in the black-multi from Resort collection. Strangely, they tried to tell me something was Carmino when it wasn't--it appeared to be Cassis. At that point, I wasn't sure how accurate their info was. It sure was fun looking at the new bags, since I live so far from a BV store.

    I hate missing what's going on here, but I needed to get away. I'll be back middle of next week and if I get anything new, I'll post pics!
  2. hi boxermom, do have fun and we'll be waiting to see the goodies!
  3. boxermom, enjoy your stay. I haven`t been to Maui, but Oahu and Kauai are so beautigul places to stay!

    We`re looking forward to welcoming you back with a bunch of pics!
  4. enjoy your vacation!! waiting for your photos!
  5. Have fun on your vacation, boxermom... We'll be waiting lots of pic goodies from bv store...
  6. Have a lovely vacation boxermom! That silvery bronze veneta sounds amazing! I hope you can sneak a pic back for us to drool over, and I hope you find some lovely BV goodies :tup::tup:
  7. Boxermom, what is the name of those metallic silvery bronze veneta? Is it ottone? Love to know more info on this.. tia
  8. boxermom, have a wonderful time in Maui!! we'll be patiently waiting to hear (and see) more when you come back!!
  9. Have great time in Maui, boxermom, and I hope you find something beautiful to purchase. We're doing our best in the authentication thread, but the sooner you're back the better!
  10. CutieKiara....the metallic silvery-bronze is called Almature. Saw it when in is really lovely. It is apparently exclusive to Hawaii and I almost purchased my veneta in it, but ended up with a wallet in that color.
  11. Are you at the mall in Wailea? If you are, make sure you have lunch or dinner at the Tommy Bahama restaurant on the second floor. Maui No Ka Oi!
  12. Thanks olympia, would love to see the picture of it .. I'm really curious what the color looks like.. Is it more expensive than the reg veneta?
  13. Enjoy your vacation Boxermom!! I just got back from Maui on Monday. I got my 2nd BV bag at the shop in Wailea. One of the new spring colors. It was my first visit to a BV store. It was fun.
  14. Thank you, Olympia. It's a very different look, isn't it?

    I wanted to, but dh opted for the cheeseburger place. We've eaten there before; dh bought a golf shirt at TB's. I agree--Maui is the best!!

    I'm going back to the shop BY MYSELF! I can't shop properly when husband is waiting. I love the Lotus and the multi-pastel look, and the glacier blue, and........ well, I will try to be sensible, but the bags are lovely.

    Back next week to my favorite subforum! Bye for now to all my BV friends.:heart: