BV Perforated Leather Tote....Is it worth the price?


Jan 17, 2006
I'm so drawn to this bag, but the bag color (walnut) and price made me hesitate. Finally, I noticed Saks is offering it in classic black.... while the walnut color is beautiful, I prefer black for this bag. I never owned a BV and I really want one for my collection. Any opinions, please :smile:
i am a huge fan of bottega veneta, ther lines are classic but not boring and the leather has a quality that only few have (tod's), so you are buying a bag that you will wear even in 10 years!
i think it's a beautiful bag, but i'm not quite sure what makes it SO expensive compared to other BV bags. i'm not sure i'd pay that much for it, but saks has a 10% off code, so you could save $260
I love this bag. I think it is beautiful, and timeless. I think the color you choose should depend upon your wardrobe and places you'll take the bag, but I think that neither color would be a mistake.
I would stay away from this for one for these reasons......

1. I don't think its worth $2600 theres no hardware, just little ruffles.....

2. Since this will most likely be a bag you'll keep and cherish for a long time you'll probably going to moisterize the leather. A BV SA told me once that the perforated leather is horrible for that as the cleaner will get stuck in the little holes.

3. Same reason as above if it gets dirty you can't get dirt out of the perforated holes.
That bag is HUGE. As much as I like big bags, that thing was GIGANTIC. I'm 5'4", but wear a size 12/14, so I'm not a tiny, petite woman. It was just too overwhelming. The purse was about as big as my torso, just looked odd on me. I think you need to be a taller person to pull it off.
BV bags are my very favorite and I thought I was going to love, love, love this bag. I saw it in person and was disappointed. As Wickedassin said, this bag is gigantic--so big that it really is overwhelming. Also, the perforated leather is stiff and weird. IMO, it takes away from the beautiful detailing on the bag. This is a bag I would pass on...
pursemama did you ever decide about this bag? I am drawn to it too and am constantly debating it. I love the walnut color, but the price sucks.

Next week I am going to try and track one down and see it in person. I was curious if you had done that and if it killed your attraction to it.
Definitely try that bag in person! It is GIGANTIC It's like 2 feet by 2 feet. I love big bags, but this really was overwhelming for me...

If you want the convenience of the bag mailed to you, Nordstrom in San Diego has the bag in walnut. Ask for Joseph--he's the best. Their number is 619.295.4441.
Thanks Wickedassin. Both your post and ValerieB's post are why I am heading to the store to check it out instead of jumping the gun and just ordering it. It sounds really big, like too big for a big boned tall person who needs to drop 30 lbs :whistle: And I am worried about all those little holes.

But, dangit, I just cant shake it so I hope I will see it and hate it, because quite frankly 3K on a bag is :censor: