BV bag lover, are you also using a BV wallet?

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  1. I have a pre loved BV bag which I'm in love. The quality is very good and leather is butterfly soft yet quite durable. I'm recently eyeing a Woven Flap Organizer Wallet in ebony color. However, as a wallet, it tends to get scratched easily and worn out fast as I will just throw it inside my bag with other stuff together, like my pouch, ID tag and key. Thus, is BV wallet a good option since it's lambskin? Or I should stick with those textured leather wallet like Prada saffiano or LV? I'm just curious, are you using a BV wallet together with your BV bag? How is your wallet so far? Thanks for all the advices!
  2. My BV wallet of lambskin is wearing like iron, thanks for asking. It also has a wrist strap, which makes it very handy.
  3. I found BV wallets have great quality and can last for years.
  4. I'm use one also and it's doing well. There's a touch of wear and and dryness on an edge or two but nothing more.
  5. I have 4 BV wallets because I love to match my BV bag and SLG colors. They all are wearing beautifully.
  6. Thanks for all the response. It indeed encourage me to go for a BV wallet! Do you tend to babysit your wallet? I heard Napa leather is more durable than lambskin. Isn't napa same as lambskin? Is ebony color easy to maintain and no color transfer issue?
  7. I don't do anything special to my BV wallet other than use it. Napa = lambskin. I don't know what quality wallet you have had in the past, but BV leathers do not transfer their color elsewhere.
  8. I definitely won't think BV will transfer its color to other. My concern is more on it get color transfer from my other stuff like dark color jean :smile: someone told me lambskin wallet is cheaper than napa wallet, that's why I got confused!
  9. i have been using by bv nero croc wallet. so far wearing well.
  10. I do not have a BV wallet.. I have several Hermes dogon wallets which are
    quite functional & they work for me..

    But the quality of BV purse accessories are so good, would think a wallet would
    be of the same quality
  11. I have an ebano san marco zip around wallet
    after constant use for 4 years it is showing a lot of wear
    I suspect it is because it is San Marco (a different treatment to the leather)
    I also think it was just the regular bv nappa leather it would have held up better
    I also have a BV medium cosmetic in ebano and a BV document case in orchid and they are doing just fine.
    They are both nappa leather
  12. I have croc zip around wallet in Ebano. I treat it occasionally with conditioner for reptile leather. I have had it almost 2 years and don't baby it at all and it still looks good. There are so many beautiful leather wallets. I would like one with wrist strap.
  13. Oh gosh. The color name is ebano, not ebony. Sorry, my mistake. Is it dark brown color and one of the classic color for BV? Is this color available for every season?
  14. Yes!
  15. I bought a beautiful BV wallet 2 years ago? It still looks like the day I bought it with the exception of the snap area which shows a tiny bit of dirt. The color is ocean blue so I can find it in any bag I wear and the only difference I find is the leather has softened even more than when I bought it. I have been guilty of "petting it" when I open it because it feels like silk! Everyone here is telling you the truth, it wears like iron. I do not baby my bags or wallet and expect them to stand up to use and they deliver! As far as your concern with color transfer, I would think when purchasing a light colored shoulder bag you might want to be cautious but as far as a wallet goes, my blue has maintained its rich soft saturated color.

    I highly recommend BV anything! Their quality, workmanship and service are superior! (and I don't work for them LOL!)