Buying OPI on ebay?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I noticed that they sell a ton of OPI nailpolish on eBay. I even found lots of nailpolish...up to 20-25 full size bottles. Has anyone ever bought OPI on eBay before? Good experience? Bad experience? Do you reccomend buying on eBay?

    Right now I'm looking at a lot of 6 from the Russian Collection for about $20 minus shipping and a lot of 5 random pink colors for about $15 minus shipping. Low price points but the seller is showing real photos, not stock photos and they are new with the wrapping on the brush handle.

    How are you supposed to know how old the nail polish is? I should probably email the seller. I guess I'm just worried that these are bottles that have been sitting around for 7-8 months and getting all gooey and sticky.
  2. I bought some Chanel polish on ebay last year and either of them are right. I tried them both once and immideatly removed it, It was very runny and gooey
  3. I bought OPI on Ebay because I wanted a discontinued color. It was great and is still great. I'll look on my feedback and let you know who the seller was.
  4. OK it was debob484. Good seller, good product.
  5. Nail polish doesn't really expire... An unopened bottle of polish, even if it's a couple years old, should be fine if it doesn't look separated or weird. As long as the texture is still good, it's fine to use.
  6. As long as the bottle is unopened, you should be ok. But just to be on the safe side, only buy colors from recent collections.
  7. I've bought OPI from ebay before for about $5/bottle and they were all fine.
  8. i bought OPI frmo ebay before too and had no problems
  9. yeah, it is a crap shoot. i have gotten opi discontinued polishes that are fine. then, i got some chanel that were opened and gooey and you stated. there isn't a promise it will be perfect.
  10. They also sell Opi on, I think I got a Bogota Blackberry (my favorite color) for $5 and the quality was fine.:yes:
  11. you should try & for cheap opi, it's around $4.50/bottle.
  12. Wow thanks for all the suggestions, guys :smile: I really appreciate it.
  13. I recommend that you buy from here: $4.25 per bottle. Shipping is cheap. All are fresh and all the latest colors. I get all my OPI here.
  14. Thanks for sharing!! :flowers:

    Browsing now..

    They have nice stuffs :smile:
  15. I don't think you should have a problem with new, seal bottles of OPI even if they are a few months old. I have some OPI polishes already for 1-2 years that are still good and not thick & gooey