buying my first Hermes--have I covered the bases?

  1. I have what I think is my dream bag on hold with jemznjewels--a 35cm rouge vif chevre birkin.

    I don't live anywhere near a boutique so a reseller is pretty much my only option. A kind pfer allowed me to look at her 35cm rouge chevre birkin, and I'm comfortable that the color and size are right. questions--I've read and read and read and I believe that this is a great reseller, but am calling out for one more double-check as this is a whole lotta $, and the only birkin I will ever own.

    Also, I understand that I don't need to (and shouldn't) apply anything to the leather--just occasional (every 2 years?) spa trips...?

    Thank you for your expertise and patience!
  2. I think you've pretty much covered the basics. Just be sure absolute sure that the 35cm is the right size for you and that the color is what you really want! Sometimes pics can be deceiving, KWIM?

    Good luck! Can't wait to see pics
  3. I don't know the seller, I am lucky enough to live near a store, I just wanted to say, that is a super combination you have picked, it's going to be a real 'WOW' bag and I am glad you have made a definite choice in terms of colour and size, it will truly be a bag for a lifetime. I don't own a Birkin yet, I THINK I know what I want but there is still an element of wavering in me, lol
  4. WOW! Great choice for your first Birkin! I LOVE color myself (esp. in H goodies!!!) so I am always excited to see people pick colorful items! You said you tried on the size and saw the color IRL so you should be OK.:yes: The seller you are talking about is reputable (as far as I know). Be sure to post pics of your new baby when you get it! Good luck!
  5. You don't mention whether the bag is new or pre-owned. If it's pre-owned, have you seen photos of the bag showing the condition? It's important that you be delighted when you open the big orange box!
  6. Thanks, Irene!! I followed your posts and admired your taste over on the LV side, and am now excited to have joined you on the orange side!!
  7. You are so kind!:love: I really appreciate you saying this and happy that you have joined the orange side!:yes::flowers:
  8. Rouge Vif is a fantastic color. Just be sure that 35cm is your prefered size.
  9. She is a reputable seller. Have you asked her about her return policy if you aren't 100% pleased?
  10. I have tried on a 35, and didn't find it too big. I've never held a 30. But....I've never regretted a big bag, my only regrets are when I've gone too small. Based on that, I think the 35 is right for me. I need to have room for work stuff, a can of soda, some snacks. etc....

    And, she does have a 24 hour return policy if you change your mind.

    Thank you all for your feedback!
  11. What a wonderful one birkin to have.
  12. It sounds very special and the combination should be really stunning. Would love to see picture.
  13. You're so lucky to have found her, and to have that 24 hour return policy.
  14. Let us all know how it goes. I have a feeling you're going to love your new purse.
  15. it's going to be gorgeous. Great seller and the bag being chevre will make it more lightweight than if it were in Togo or Clemence. Congrats!