Buying my first Chanel handbag...

  1. Please help! I am looking for something classic; yet, practical or for everyday use. What is the best bag for me?

    Thanks everyone.
  2. oooh, so many! LOL!

    What kind of bags do you like?
    Totes, handbags, big or small?
    Any color idea or price range?
  3. If you're going to use it everyday, I recommend a tote. However it does depend on how much stuff you carry around like Swanky said.
  4. :nuts: How about one like my first Chanel, the caviar medallion tote:love:
    DSC03748.JPG DSC03749.JPG
  5. whatever you decide - u cannot go far wrong with chanel - try sneak a pair of sunglasses in aswell.
  6. Ranskimmie - that is beautiful.
  7. Thanks everyone! Well, I went to Chanel yesterday and could not get over the more classic purse with the stiffer leather (in beige). What does everyone think? Is this very practical? What does everyone think about this bag in black?

  8. I'm guessing your mean the classic flap, and the stiffer leather being the caviar one? I think that would be a GREAT first Chanel! I'm hoping to have a classic flap as well as my first - it's the ultimate Chanel bag and has been around since 1955... you can't go wrong with it. I think it looks best in the medium size, and will easily go from day to night.

    Both the tan and black would be safe first colors to get!
  9. It's practical if it's caviar and you don't tend to carry much.
    The flaps don't accomodate many items inside so for alot of us they aren't practical or they're not used for everyday.
    I like to carry a lot, or not a lot but I carry a big wallet so I tend to need totes.

    The Black Classic Flap is . . . well . . . Classic!
  10. Agree with Swanky! I love the bag but it wouldn't be something that I carried everday because my gigantic wallet, cosmetic case, sunglass case and other little pouch I use for receipts and stuff would never fit!
  11. Love the classic flap! I am thinking of the east-west for my first Chanel but the classic flap would be great. I don't carry a lot and have a small wallet (card case really) so it would work for me. :flowers:
  12. One more question, I promise...what is the better choice lambskin or cavier???
  13. I love the classic flap, very timeless bag.
    Petit noe, the lambskin is more expensive by a couple of hundreds (probably 200-300 difference) .
  14. Caviar is more durable and personally I love the look in the classic vote is caviar!
  15. absoltely! Lambskin is Chanel's most delicate lether, if you need durability or don't want to worry about scratches go w/ caviar or calfskin.