Buying Mulberry from Start-London

Feb 18, 2010
Can the ladies who had done their Mulberry purchases from SL share their shopping experience here?

I wanted to get a Alexa from SL but i am kind of deterred by the mixed reviews I hear - like processing your credit card when item is OOS *gasps* and receiving a used item *faints*.

I am keen to order from SL as I am located in Asia and they do offer VAT reductions which come out to about 13% - which is a pretty good deal for a cheapstake like me.:P Plus, they are stocking the regular Oak Alexa which I am aiming for.

Btw, they are a authorised Mulberry stockist right?:biggrin:


Mar 28, 2009
Dublin, Ireland
Hi Turquoisebee,
I bought my Mulberry cuff off of SL and it was a very straightforward easy transaction. Item arrived well packaged and quickly. I had no problems . HTH
BTW I am in Ireland.
Feb 18, 2010
Oh... This is good to hear and thanks for sharing cmaec! :biggrin:

I received a reply from Mulberry that SL is an authorised stockist too but my email to SL had not been replied to for 2 days.. opps :X