Buying little sis her first bag...recs??

  1. Hi guys,

    I want to get my little sister her first designer bag for her birthday. Im thinking something leather, not too faddish, either in black or something neutral.

    She's known to somehow ruin (or wear out suspiciously quickly) everything she has, so something quite well-wearing is probably a must!!

    I was thinking either a black balenciaga city or first... and thats kind of where my ideas end! :shrugs:

    Do you guys have any suggestions, experiences from your first handbags?

    Any input is very much appreciate!!:p
  2. How old is she and what is her style?
  3. maybe get her a bag thats coated? like burberry and dior have...
  4. yes, how old is she?
  5. Balenciaga may be a little high-end for a first bag! Perhaps, this decision is totally up to you though, so dont listen to me haha..
    But yes what age is she?
  6. She will be turning 23. so I guess she's not that little :biggrin:

    I especially wanted to get her something a little higher-end, just because she's seen my own collection grow to include some gorgeous leather bags (chanel, chloe, balenciaga)...and she really loves those. Plus im only two years older than her so there's not that much of an age gap between us.

    Also, she's going to be studying for a couple more years so it will be ages for her to save for another i wanted this one to really suffice for a few years as her only special bag.
  7. I think Balenciaga is great for a first bag. :yes: I would have loved a Balenciaga as a first bag. They are really durable and light. My black city for some reason always likes to drink my coffee. ;) But it has survived.

    But it really depends on how she would treat the bag. If she really will beat it up and throw it around I would probably not go for something that expensive. So how about a Coach? But perhaps it is too faddish because I see them all over the place. I admit my first big bag was a Coach, the quality is not bad but IMO it is not as good as it used to be (when I compare with my older ones).
  8. Since she has seen your bags, what do you think she likes the most from it? Perhaps you can decide based on that. :smile:
  9. well she really likes my balenciaga first, so thats why i was heading in that direction. Altho, i was thinking the city for her so it would be more useful cos she could put way more stuff in it.

    Shes not the kind of person who's uncaring about her stuff as such...she's just a bit rough ....unlike me who is totally the opposite..."wash your hands before you touch my chanel!" hahahaha
  10. :smile: Then why not go with the Balenciaga? Unless someone here can think up another bag. Since it might be her only nice bag for awhile I would say it is a good choice because it is both stylish and durable.

    But as to the size, the girls at the Balenciaga forum can help ;). I personally can't go smaller than the City because I carry so much stuff. I know that some of the other ladies here like the first because it fits everything they need and they don't need a bigger bag. So it all depends on what your sister likes and carries.
  11. thanks:yes:

    haha im actually browsing the "how much can you carry in your bbag thread right now" know, research!

    Im quite sure that the first would be too small for her on a day-to-day basis. she carries around a LOT of "essentials" (four lipglosses, an agenda, ipod, water bottle, phone, large wallet, etc). And she's also the kind of person to just throw a whole bunch of stuff into her bag and just run out the door.

    but im positive any bigger than the city would be way too big. so i thin ka black city is the frontrunner at the moment!

    Thanks for your help guys, any more suggestions, please keem 'em coming!!:p
  12. I agree with the Coach suggestion... or, how about if you take her shopping for a bag, or at least scout bags irl with her?
  13. I think a dior would be a great bag.