Buying Gucci online, any tips?

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  1. I'm thinking about buying my girlfriend one of the joy boston bags off the website since the nearest boutique is in Dublin [ far from me], I've noticed that people on the LV forum talk about sometimes receiving items that may have been returns. any experiences or things to watch out for would be really appreciated.

    If you've had countless good experiences then let me know too, I'm in Ireland but I dont think there should be much a diff between american or european ordering online
  2. I've never had any issues with buying at
  3. buying online, check clearly as there are alot of fakes...
  4. If the bag is defective, Gucci will take it back without costing you a penny!
  5. Buying online GUCCI.COM...$100...

    Buying online EBAY.COM...PRICELESS!!! Never buy from Ebay... is my tip...

    i've bought from EBAY and returned and refunded...



    lol byeee
  6. get from or otherwise from ebay. get the pic and post it here for ppl to auth before purchasing.
  7. I've not had any issues with buying from either.
  8. u could try since there are quite a few positive comments on
  9. yes...i actually purchased my joy boston bag on and did not have any problems or whatsoever! The packaging was great...they included a gucci shopping bag and box. The bag was perfect!! :tup:
  10. i got my joy medium tote last month from, it is complete with dustbag and shopping bag.. im now waiting for my new britt medium this week, i got it from there too.. was too lazy to go to the nearest gucci store, and I dont like crowded stores too so I shop online instead...