Buying from an overseas seller

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  1. Ladies and gents- I would sure appreciate your expertise here. What can I expect as far as customs and duties are concerned when buying an LV from Japan and shipping it to the US? I'm buying from a reputable seller who doesn't minimize values on custom declarations. The item was about 250USD. Any feedback would be appreciated!
  2. I just received something from Japan valued at $220 and I didn't have to pay any duties. I really don't know why that was was though. Maybe because it was a used item.
  3. I've bought from Japan on eBay before and never had to pay extra for customs. :smile:
  4. Customs doesn't charge duties on everything. It's very random regardless of value. I bought something from Japan and was charged 10% in duties.
  5. japan is a nice place to shop
    most sellers are kond and helpful
    over a certain value (depends on your state)
    theres a couple of % tax
    for me it's over 300$ goods
  6. Every LV item I've purchased from Japan has gone through customs with no parts, thats a different story. I see no rhyme or reason on how duty is applied.
  7. I'm quite the Ebayer, especially when it comes to small goods.
    I've never had a problem with any of my purchases.

    Hope this helps.
  8. Never had to pay any custom or import duties on all of my purchases from Japan. The most I paid was 950 USD for a preloved Stresa PM. The same thing with my purchases from Hong Kong. I think it depends on your state of residence. :biggrin:
  9. Thank you for your replies! You all have been very helpful!:smile:
  10. I purchased a speedy 30 valued at $720 from a reputable seller in japan and paid no duties. It shouldn't be a problem!
  11. I have had a similar experience to the members above....I bought a preloved Eva clutch from Japan for $575 and had it shipped to California. I didn't pay any duties and the value was stated right on the invoice for customs review. It sounds like most people living in the UK always get charged a duty.
  12. Indeed we do but then our import limit (before we are liable for import duties) is £15 GBP (less than 30 USD) and let's face it, there's little you can buy for that amount of money these days, let alone Louis Vuitton! :lol:

    Receiving into the US, then you will more than likely get charged if the item is delivered by Fedex but USPS parcels don't seem to incur charges very often at all.