Buying a stamped bag bought by an employee

  1. Hi, Im just wondering if you buy a bag which was bought by an employee and therefore stamped with the letter O, then can the bag still be repaired and what other pro's/cons are there to buying one like this ?. Thanks ! :tup:
  2. I bought a denim Pleaty in Fuchsia with the "o" stamp once. I don't know if there are any issues regarding repairs, but I don't think there would be. It's a bag like every other, it's just it has an extra stamp, that's all.
  3. I was talking to a SA this past weekend and she told me that are not allowed to sell any of the bags they buy. They're allowed to give them away but not sell them, not even to family members. She happened to mention that a girl was fired from Neimans last week for selling a bag. I don't know how they find out. But it all seemed sort of creepy in a "patriot act" sort of way. How do they find out?

    If you do send anything in for repairs I'd say you received it as a gift just to be on the safe side
  4. You know, I would think that an SA might give it as a gift & then the giftee may want to sell it someday, it's completely out of the SA's hands & therefore should be able to be repaired just like any other bag.
  5. thanks for the info, that is good to hear :flowers:
  6. thanks for everyones replies :smile: