Buying a Hudson GM as a gift...

  1. Hi all. I'm going to be buying my mother the Hudson GM. She mentioned she liked the style when she saw it once, so I want to get it for her. :yes:

    My question is: Do any of you own it, and if so the shoulder strap it decently ample? My mother likes a lot of drop with her bags with much comfortable arm room. Does the Hudson GM hang comfortably and maybe a little lower than most bags? I know there are buckle notches and she'd probably put it on the last or second to last notch. Any info on this would be very appreciated, Thanks! ^^
  2. not sure about the shoulder strap length, but wanted to say how sweet it was to get your mom an LV!:flowers:
  3. Maybe you can take her to a boutique? That would be the complete experience =D
    What a nice daughter =)
  4. When I tried this on at the store I could wear it cross body and it was quite comfy. I think your Mom will be quite pleased with it.
  5. yes, it has enough 'arm space' lol, cuz I was interested in the PM one and thought that I might as well try the GM too. Anyway, it's very generous of you to buy something for you mother! Congrats! :biggrin:
  6. So sweet of you to buy this for your mom. I don't own this and wouldn't know the strap length.
  7. Thanks guys!!! I'm glad there seems to be some good amounts of room in it. I just wanted be sure... :yes:

    But, I am going to be taking her to Louis Vuitton this coming week for her to try it on to get the full effect and be sure! That IS the best idea mostly, I agree w/ you! I'll post her and her new beautiful bag when it's home and all hers! ^^
  8. You are so nice.
  9. how sweet!!! i hope your mom will LOVE it!:p

    but --- make sure she puts her stuff in it AND try it on..... i bought one and ended up return it, it was too heavy to carry it like a messanger with all my stuff..... but you can purchase shorter shoulder strap and enjoy different style, good looking bag though!! :heart: :heart:

    happy new year!