Buying a Classic Flap...

  1. Hey

    For my 18th Birthday my parents are buying me a classic Flap in October but with this scary price increase and hearing peoples problems with finding bags, I'm wondering should I get them to pre-order or purchase now in case it isn't available then?

    I'm looking for e/w size black with silver hardware. Is this normally available at the boutique? I've only been to chanel a few times so I don't know what they usually would have. They're already asking questions which I don't know the answer. Would it be sensible to get my parents to buy it now or order it?

    Any Advice? :confused1:
  2. The e/w is normally available in the store (if it's not on the floor, you can always just ask). If its not readily available in store, the SA can order it for you. It's in the timeless collection so there should be no difficulty in obtaining that bag. great choice!
  3. I'm in the same boat as the OP. So I'm guessing black and white are part of the permanent collection. Are there any other colours included?

    ETA: Same boat as in I'm interested in a classic flap, not the gift part..
  4. maybe you should tell them to buy it for you now and just give it to you when your actual birthday comes around. i'm sure they would agree it's a good decision to save some money by buying it now...
  5. I'd ask them to purchase it now prior to the next increase and then hold it until it's your birthday. Everyone likes saving money.
  6. Yes, saving is just have to stay away from it until your birthday....oh, the temptation!!;)
  7. I'd definitely just ask them to buy now. I think it would be a smart move for sure.
  8. Thanks for replies.

    OK I've persuaded my mum to get one now but she won't let me have it till October!!

    Eeeek Its gonna be so hard to wait but will definitely be worth it!