Buying a BBag (first) online! help - newb

  1. hi there!

    i'm just starting with my first balenciaga and really wanting The First -- hopefully in blanc or rouge (if still available).

    unfortunately my option is to buy it online.. so could anybody please post reputable online sites that sell them? hopefully ones with the lowest prices :rolleyes:

    i've found

    would anybody have any feedback on authenticity of this site?

  2. thanks for that reply:smile: will definitely consider diabro.. just a bit curious of shipping costs though
  3. I second stars recomendation, there's a wealth of info in the bbag shopping threads. I've also purchased from them, a Rouille Weekender. Their service was immpecable and the shipping on it was absolutely reasonable for international express. Their shipment to me took less time than a package from BALNY using ground. Good Luck and keep us posted when you welcome your new bbag home.
  4. Aloha Rag are also great, although you'll have to email them as they don't advertise their bbags on their site.
    They have free shipping worldwide if you spend more than $500
  5. I live in Seattle.. it cost about $20 for them to ship to me. I ordered a couple of days ago and it should be arriving by Monday (i.e. less than a week). As for Aloha Rag... its more of a pain in the butt to order from them, but once you get the hang of it... its not too bad. Here is more info on how to order from AR (I got my Anthracite Part Time from them)

    I found this post VERY informative. :smile: I hope that helps....
  6. Very strongly agree- speak with Seiko, she's a lovely person and very knowledgable.
  7. i'm deliberating between either diabro and aloharag. i've ordered from aloharad before when buying a chloe and have had no problems whatsoever.

    diabro sells the white cheaper but i've been reading up threads about it not being an authorized seller whereas aloharag is?
  8. don't you wonder why diabro's selling their white and truffe ones cheaper, eh? i think i've only read about the different textures of truffe between '06 and '07.. can't recall the details.
  9. If you are an international customer, Aloha Rag will ask you to fax parts of your credit card statement showing your name/address/cc number/issuing bank for verification. I found it a great hastle.