buyer's remorse over an inlaid peyton! convince me out of it?

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  1. i have been on the lookout for a reasonably priced Peyton Inlaid C Tote for a long while now and after turning away from ebay's prices ($564 and UP) i found a seller on bonanzle with a heart of gold; $408! with shipping and handling included, i am still paying less than i would have at FP :yahoo:
    ...but now, as always after a purchase, i have this bad feeling in my gut :sad: it's not exactly second thoughts, because i love the bag off; it's my HG bag! i promised that if i got hold of one, i would ban myself from bags for the rest of the year. and i'm happy with that choice (accessories not included, of course!) it's just ...the money i guess? i have no problem spending on other people but when it comes to myself, i get iffy. maybe it comes with being a young (although not single) parent but i feel nauseous with anything i buy for me whether it be something that costs a few hundred or less than $50.
    so please help me out of this slump! my sister's been trying to talk me out of it but it's not working :P anybody with this bag or even ones that don't and are pining for it it too, build me up again! thank you in advance :heart:
  2. Don't feel bad...As a Mom alone you deserve it...Although I'am the Same...I have 4 babes from ages 16 to 2...So I know how u feel....I Rarely buy myself things, because of Guilt, but I'm starting to realize that I Always put my kids 1st and I should Reward my self now and then.I only have 4 Coach bags now and a few wristlets and Fob's and I'am very Thankful to have what I do have....I was Lucky enough to find a bag that I Love alot...My Poppy Patent med. Spotlight in Black...It is the Only bag I have been using, so if you know you want this bag, Get it...Just take a break for awhile if it's the $ issue...Just enjoy your new bag!!!!;)
  3. Aww honey, it's your HG! I say go for it!! I understand where you're coming from, but you got a great deal. And you did your homework and stalked the bag for awhile. Be proud! Carpe diem!
  4. Girl....:hugs: YOU looked for that deal! I mean you put a lot of effort in the search for this Peyton. You were not being wild and crazy and went out on an impulse shopping spree. You found the deal and scored! That was an awesome price with the SH included, which means you got it for the high three's! I think you deserve your Peyton and did an amazing search to find the best price possible.
  5. That tote is great! It's your HG! I dont think you should feel bad. I think sometimes some women tend to think about themselves last. It sounds like you found something you really want, and if your a giver you need to equally want and need to have something nice yourself! I say it is a very nice way to treat yourself! Love it and enjoy it no matter what the cost is because you deserve it! :flowers:
  6. I agree with what everybody said. You shopped around and found a great deal. You deserve it and work hard for it. It is your HG so enjoy it. You will be so happy when you receive it...
  7. I'm sure once you get it you will be so in love with it, that you will forget all of the "buyer's remorse" that your having right now :P
  8. i use to feel the same way and i still do as a SAHM and student, i said this before, i think we don't give ourself enough credit as mothers and wives, i always put DS and DH first and then i take care of myself, we both enable eachother and if the bills are paid and we have money left over why not?? buy what you want, especially that this is your hg and you have looked hard for it :biggrin: GL!
  9. Don't feel alone! I'm having a buyers remorse like right now lol. I don't know if this means I'm not that crazy for the bag. I will wait until it arrives and then decide if I keep it or sell it to someone who will enjoy it more like me
  10. Inlaid Peyton is a great bag. You got a great deal on her and you set boundaries for buying...once you get her in person, you will be smitten :heart:
  11. It's your HG and the bag is somewhat hard to come by for such a reasonable price! As a Mommy you deserve to spoil yourself once in a while!
  12. It is a fantastic bag...You will love it..
  13. What does HG mean?

    You only live once.. so fill it with the people you love and the things you love. You never know what tomorrow will bring!
  14. If this bag is your HG and If it is selling for $408 shipped I say go for it..

    Now if you do not want it that is another...

    I have this bag in the Melon and I purchased it after I saw it on this site.. I am glad I got her she is gorgeous and super ligt weight and great in any weather...
  15. This is an ABSOLUTELY gorgeous bag!! Enjoy her! I doubt you could find her cheaper.. Lucky girl!