Buyer says bag not authentic -- now what?

  1. I use eBay primarily to buy and very very rarely to sell, but I was editing my bag collection and put two bags up on eBay (both Diors), both with very detailed descriptions and pictures. They both sold at their BIN price. One of the buyers emailed me after having received her bag to tell me that she doesn't think the bag I sold her is authentic. I'm aware that there's a scam out that where buyers make the same complaint and will send back a fake bag.

    I've emailed the buyer telling her to come here or ask for authentication from a boutique. Where else can I send her for authentication? What are my options?

    (And just to be absolutely clear, yes, bag is 100000% authentic, but I no longer have the receipt.)

  2. I would send her to CarolDiva ( I think she charges like five bucks to authenticate via pictures. If it would make the buyer happy, I'd just send her the five bucks so she leaves you alone ;)
  3. agreed
  4. charges $5 for authentication by picture too!
  5. Why don't you just tell her to send it back and if it's the same bag upon receipt, you'll refund her money? If she sends a fake, you have your original photos to compare against and use as ammunition. I would rather accept a return from a disgruntled buyer than deal with the hassle of a chargeback, etc.
  6. Do not let her return it...those of us who sell authentic bags must stand behind our products. Taking it back is almost admitting that you are at fault. If you are confident that it is authentic tell her to go and get it authenticated. Some buyers are less educated on these things than sellers and really just do not know what they are talking about. How is her feedback? This has happened to me before and I am sure will happen to me again...I always stand my ground and if they neg me then so be it. That has not happened yet by the way. Each time a buyer says "it's fake"...I tell them that I have absolutely no intention of refunding anything and welcome them to authenticate it. They ususally go away.
  7. I agree with Kalodie1, do not let her return it, if you are absolutely sure it is authentic. Just stand your ground and stick by your pictures. She probably has buyer's remorse and is trying to intimidate you.
  8. Thanks so much for all your input.

    Like kalodie1, my first thought was, If I accept the return, it would be the equivalent of saying the bag was not authentic. On principal, I don't want to do this, as I am 10000% sure the bag is authentic, unless the Dior boutique in Paris where I bought the bag sold fakes. Furthermore, I provided very detailed pictures of all the authenticating features I know of, in different light, so that the bidders or potential buyers can discern for themselves. I do feel that it's either a matter of buyer's remorse or perhaps she doesn't know too much about authenticating Diors. I checked her feedback which was 100% but for under 60 items, and it seems she's a shopper for less expensive items in the Dooney and Bourke range.

    I have emailed her and assured her of the bag's authenticity and pointed her here, but I shall email her again and suggest that she get it authenticated my CarolDiva or MyPoupette (which I thought was defunct but I'm happy to be wrong!) -- thanks for the suggestions, CynthiaNYC and pro_shopper. This is precisely why I hesitate to initiate transactions on eBay over $100 -- it's so much of a headache, even when you've played by the rules. :crybaby:

    Thank you so much for all your input!
  9. selling on ebay seems to get riskier and riskier everyday!! it seems like there are always more and more people coming up with scams.
  10. UPDATE:

    I emailed the buyer advising her that the bag was bought from the Dior boutique and there's no way it could be a fake. I even offered to pay for its authentication thru MyPoupette or CarolDiva, just to put her mind at ease, since I can't come up with the original receipt.

    I get an email back, saying that I'd be surprised the quality of fakes now, and that she just bought an imitation Gucci off of eBay. And goes on to say, "the sad thing is, you don't need to be a pro to tell if a bag is fake", implying my Dior bag. She threw in, for good measure, I suppose, that the bags has dings and scuffs not mentioned on the auction (which is NOT true - I went to great lengths to photograph and describe a scuff on the back of the bag, the only one I found). And then, the kicker: she says, "Would you mind giving a discount?" since she couldn't get herself to a Dior boutique to authenticate.

    So, all in all, I've got someone just looking for a discount who's not above throwing in a bunch of hogwash to make it happen. :cursing:
  11. That's ridiculous. I think I'd inquire as to why she wants to keep a "fake" bag, even at a discount.
  12. Do not give her a discount! That's giving in and saying that you misrepresented the product in some way, which according to you is false. I would go so far as to send YOUR photos to CarolDiva ( so that she can authenticate the product and you can email the buyer with the results. The problem with having the buyer send the photos is that she may take photos of another bag. Keep in mind that there are people in this world who love to scam. Sad but true. Stand your ground and I'm sure the buyer will give up once he / she realizes that you will not be taken for a fool. Keep us updated.
  13. Mia, I've gone ahead and sent in my own pictures to MyP already and was going to forward the buyer the results. I dislike games and hopefully the clear results will nip it in the bud with this buyer.

    aprilvalentine, I'm going to include a note with my forwarded results to tell her that I wouldn't keep a fake bag, nor purchase one, and she shouldn't either, but thankfully, that won't begin with MY Dior.

    Thanks for all the ideas and support! I really do appreciate it!
  14. Oh my! This is rediculous!
    This buyer should be kicked off eBay. She complains the bag is fake, then there is undisclosed damage, then "can I have a discount"????
    Just send her the authenticity results, and don't reply to any more emails. I hope, by the way, that you are savings all of these emails.
    This is just maddening and rediculous. It is getting easier and easier for the scammers to get away with selling fakes on eBay, while it is getting more and more difficult for a legitimate seller to sell a REAL bag on eBay! It is almost not even worth it anymore!
  15. This is making me re-think selling my bag on ebay.......i feel as if every expensive bag being sold on ebay, the buyer complains about =( keep us posted on your situation!