Buyer opens a dispute not received but it is waiting at the postoffice

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  1. I sent out a package to Denmark Express on Febr 1... this will take up to 6 businessdays. I emailed the buyer with a trackingnumber and I did everything through paypal (so I made the labels and paid for everything). Today I received a mail from Paypal that the buyer opened a dispute that she never received the package... so I look up the tracking and it says that they tried to deliver Friday.. She never contacted me and she could have done the tracking herself as well... I called Paypal and they reassured me that they will redeliver on Monday... but what if she isn't there either ? what will happen when they send the package back ?
  2. And I must add... she had 0 feedback when she won my item.. she now has 9 feedback with 2 negatives.
  3. No worries. As long as paypal has the tracking number, they should rule in your favor once delivered.
  4. Im worried she might not pick it up... she has the tracking info... they tried to deliver it twice... what if it will be send back ? how is that work ?
  5. It should be fine, just make sure to respond to the dispute so there is a record. Put the tracking number in and a note that the post office has tried to deliver once already.

    If the mail service is like it is here, the buyer may need to pick it up from the postal outlet.
  6. Thank you :smile: you are right :smile: I did give all the info to paypal.
  7. If she doesn't pick it up they'll send it back to you - usually at about 10 - 15 days with 3 attempts. If her USPS clerk is doing their job it should be scanned 'unclaimed' before being returned.

    Good luck! Hopefully she's not purposefully ignorning it in order to get out of the auction.

  8. It sounds like she might just be new to all this. You did the right thing with paypal. Now, as long as you remain in communication things will most likely turn out fine.
  9. Have you e-mailed the buyer to say that her parcel is awaiting her collection?
  10. If it goes through Danish post she will have 14 days to pick it up counting from the delivery attempt date, and with all the parcels I have received here so far they only tried to deliver once...then it was up to me to go and pick it up.

    Also if she has customs to pay on it, there might be a delay - with my last parcel from US i got a note from Post to pay the customs and pick up the parcel, went to the post office and the woman told me it was already sent back!!! In reality it hasnt arrived to the post office at all yet, I had to provide them with a pro forma invoice and only then they released my parcel ( but the tracking showed the letter with customs info as attempted delivery ugggh)!
  11. You should try and incorporate that info in the email if you go ahead and send one.
  12. Yes I emailed her numerous times before the package left... and that's why I'm so suprised that she without contacting me files a dispute....
  13. Just keep e-mailing her telling her the package is there, what a PIA!
  14. I also wrote in feedback to her to check the USPS tracking info,.. Apparently she didn't get a notice ? How will she know otherwise there is a package... well I wrote to paypal and forwarded all the info I have and called them... So now it is up to her to react. I also had to wait 2 weeks before she paid... so yes it is a bit annoying. Also as it was a pair of shoes I said it was for repairing the shoes and value as 10 dollars... So I doubt she needs to pay any customs.

  15. Danish customs are crazy ...they open almost every package. I had a bag sent to me with marked used option and the value of 50 dollars, they opened it and i had to pay over 100$ customs because they decided i owed that amount...dont even get me started on this or on the service that you receive at the post offices here...but nevertheless she should go and try to find the package by all means!!!

    Does she live in Copenhagen or a smaller town?