Buyer has wrong address in Paypal payment

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  1. A buyer just let me know that the address that was in his Paypal payment is an old one. I haven't sent the item yet. If I refund, can he change it and resend payment? Does he have to change the address in ebay as well?
  2. If he paid w/ PP, then you have to send to the address on the PP transaction page.
    In this instance, I don't think the ebay address matters as much, but TBH I am not 100% sure. But the PP address needs to be the correct one. And you are correct in that you have to refund, address has to be changed, then buyer repays, so that the new address shows on the PP transaction page. And also make sure that the PP transaction page says ELIGIBLE b4 you ship.
    There is not room for error here, so if I were you, I'd call PP for full clarification.
    Also find out if buyer needs to get this new address confirmed. Sometimes if the shipping address is not confirmed, this will cause the transaction to only be PARTIALLY eligible, and this could put YOU, the seller, at risk.
  3. Refund, have him change his address in PP and then repay you. Tell him to update ebay while he's at it.
  4. Ok, I'll do the refund. Thanks for the speedy replies!!