Buyer asked if she can collect and pay cash??

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  1. I am selling one of my bags on eBay and I had a question, she asked if she could collect it from me and then pay cash.
    I have never had this happen to me before so i am unsure!
    #1 Its a lot of money over $1200
    #2 My postage is very reasonable (uk) £15 recorded next day delivery

    I am worried that if she pays and everything is ok, what about fake money etc?!

    Has this happened to anyone, or has anyone gone through with it?
    I see no reason why anyone would want to do it this way, as paypal is so safe!

    TIA xx
  2. Like wrote, I'd be concerned about counterfeiting. Furthermore, what if she shows up with a cheque or something? Not sure I'd be too keen.
  3. ABSOLUTELY NOT! It's not even safe. For all you know, she is some lunatic who shows up with a gun or other weapon. Don't do it. Re-list if you have to, which if you do, you better give her a bad rating.

    Pay pal is there for a reason, plain and simple.
  4. ^ I would also be cautious about having a stranger come to my house. I just don't like it, although many people do this legitimately to save postage or to have a look at the goods in person before they hand over the money.

    Just politely tell her that you'd rather not, for security reasons. If she's not a nutter, she'll understand and either bid on the bag and pay via paypal, or she'll know it's not for her and go away.
  5. I am in the UK and have done this twice before as a seller and also once before as a buyer. On each occasion l have never had any problem whatsoever!! It just depends on how you feel about it. Maybe they want to check the bag out before paying that sum of money to make sure of its authenticity? . You can also get pens to check for fake notes as they do in some shops in the UK. If their eBay account is good and they have a long standing reputation with eBay - you should have their address etc. and 'phone no.
  6. I've done it with no problems. Met in a mall or other public place. In fact, made a "purse friend" with one sale (she's a member here now too).
  7. I am not opposed to meeting someone in person to do a transaction, I usually meet them in a very crowded area, and I've had no problems.
    However I would decline this request for two reasons, the item is a lot of money, and by accepting cash, there could be potential problems if they experience buyers remorse, the money could be fake..., also your shipping cost seems quite reasonable, so to spend an extra £15 for shipping a $1200 dollar item is not a lot!
  8. Thank you everyone for your advice!! I feel better now! I thought I was just being too cautious!!
    Yes, I would not let her come to my house! I was thinking of my Nans work place.
    Shopalot: Thats what I dont get! Its not a lot of money for the postage!
    Gtomad: I understand people are wary of fakes, but i have 100% positive, sold bags before etc, so slightly confused that way too!

    I have not heard anything from her since, I emailed and said, I would meet you, but not at my house, at a work place etc.
    I will have to wait and see!

    Thank you everyone again xx
  9. I have met people in a public place a few times. Very smooth and no problems for me.
  10. You could insist on meeting at a bank so the buyer can withdraw the money in your presence so you know it's real. Don't go alone though.
  11. I can see this one from both veiw points::shrugs::confused1:

    Frist off, I have bought Basses and Guitars before from people all my life from want ads or the Recycler in LA and In fact my first Ebay purchase I went and picked it up in Chicago and payed cash.
    Alot of these purchases over the years have been very large sums of money, over $5k and I never had problems.
    You can always do the transaction at a your bank or one of your branches so that they can check the money to find out if it is counterfeit.
    Also if they bring a check they could verify if there is funds.
    I would not have them over to your house to do the transaction unitl you were sure of them.
    But after you meet them, who knows you may make a great new purse friend!:tup:

    Or else, you just say no, and make them use Paypal and do the shipping.
    An keep it totally though the system.:tup:

    My personal choice is I love to meet new people and have had great all around experiences in my tradings and found at times new musicians that I have played with over the years.
    But then again that the Music business and not purses.
    But who knows you may have just as much fun?:yahoo:

    Good Luck and most of all do what you feel is safe for you and your family!:yes::yes:
  12. My mum has done it quite a bit, she has even delivered at someones house, their item. We've never had any problems but I would say be careful, check their feedback and make sure your getting what you want for the item and that they are going to pay. Some people after seeing the item are unsure that they want it and after listing etc, I think they should pay you.
  13. I've done it and never had a problem. I prefer public places but once the woman came to my husband's office. I suggested that when I discovered she worked as some kind of security person for the government, just 3 blocks from the office. (That made me feel safe to meet her at the office.) She came with her boyfriend and it all worked out.
  14. I would *maybe* do it.. I would definitely meet at a public place and don't go alone. I would be very wary of my surroundings -- what if she is nice and pays you, then has someone mug you as you leave?
    IMHO for $50 or $100 it's fine but $1200 is a lot of money.
    The bank is a good idea but even if she gives a check or money order I would not accept it even if verified. You could deposit it, and she could withdraw the money and you'll be out. (or she could stop payment on it or god knows what else...)
    I guess I'd tell her that I would meet at HER bank and witness her withdraw the cash and hand it to you ... no funny stuff!! :smile:
    good luck
  15. I've done this as well in crowded public places for small items, and it's been fine. I've also sold furniture this way, but my BF and I dragged the items down to the corner so that the buyer wouldn't know which house was ours in case they were psychos! Never had a problem. If you're worried about counterfeiting, you could also ask her to meet you at your bank and have the manager authenticate the money. Good luck!