Butch meets Blake -- photos!!

  1. I took a photo of my boy Butch with my new MJ teal Blake.

    I don't think Butch is as excited as I am...


  2. OMG I love both your bag and your pug! I seriously "awwwwwwwwwed" out loud and had to show my boyfriend. I have 3 pugs, love the blake bag and peacock is my favorite mj color ever! The picture is full of too much goodness.
  3. OMG Butch is toooooo cute! :heart: And the bag is gorgeous, too. I think Butch is excited about it...he has a twinkle in his eye! :lol:
  4. ^ HEY!! Great new picture, I love the tiny turtle!

    And OMG, that photo is absolutely darling! I love your bag and puppy! Peacock truly is a great color.... I'm regretting letting go of mine.
  5. That is the BEST picture!!!!:nuts: :yes: Love the bag and Butch!!!! Congrats again on such a gorgeous bag!
  6. Oh my god! I dont know which is cuter- the dog or the bag?!?!? enjoy your bag!!!
  7. Your dog is adorable and I love the Blake! Congratulations!!
  8. Wonderful picture! Your dog is too cute, and your Blake....just lovely! Peacock is one of the best colors MJ has ever produced, imo. You will love this bag, I bet.
  9. Aw, so cute! The color of the Blake is really gorgeous and Butch is very handsome boy! Thanks for posting! :smile:
  10. Omg he is so cute.
  11. How cute!!! He's like, stay away from my mama's bag!! Great pic, and congrats on the new bag!
  12. Ahh, that's soo sweet, great bag and puppy
  13. Hello I'm drooling all over my keyboard here...!!! LOVE that color, and of course evryone here knows how much I LOVE my blake..so by default you know I LOVE yours!!! Congrats!!! It is stunning!!! P.S. I have a crush on your bf!!!--SOOOOOOO cute!! That color looks good on him!!
  14. Awww, that is adorable!
  15. awww ur dog is sooo cute! and i :heart::heart::heart: peacock blue!! congrats