Busted (Up)!

  1. This collection of mug shots brought to you by Johnson & Johnson

    JULY 13--In this collection of recent mug shots, 15 arrestees are seen wearing varying amounts of bandages and gauze. It is unclear whether the assorted dressings came as a result of the alleged crime's commission or the subsequent, um, apprehension.

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  4. We had a car chase end in a crash over near our house and I have the ability to look up incidents and mug shots... so I looked the driver up... his mug shot had a big fat gash accross his cheek, wasn't sure if it was from the accident or from him being tackled after running! Gotta love mug shots!
  5. What is the thing on top of the first guys head? Is that so he can be a wristlet for somebody? Or a charm that you can dangle from your purse? Or maybe someone attached a spigot and siphoned his brains off without him knowing?
  6. ^^ I'm thinking the bandage was wrapped and tied on top of his head.
  7. ^^^^ Oh - I put my glasses on; I can see now.:yes:
  8. Here are two for ya...
    This guy shot 4 people at the New York New York casino last week, 2 military men took him down...along with security.

    And here is the funniest one! This guy tried to rob 3 tourists the other day when they turned the tables. He got the **** beat out of him!
    (sorry this ones so small...couldnt find a bigger pictures)
  9. Omg!!!
  10. WHOA! The 'robber' got beat up baddddddddddd.