Business Wardrobe !

  1. What one accessory is a necessity in today's business wardrobe?
  2. Well, I can never settle on just one, but if hard pressed I'd have to say a laptop briefcase. Something that can hold a laptop, documents, PDA, etc.

    Runners up for me: a good pair of basic, low-heeled pumps and a basic lightweight trench coat.
  3. I agree w/ Pursegrrl. I need a bag that's big enough to carry a laptop so either a big bag, briefcase or even a messenger bag.
  4. Def a nice leather messenger!
  5. Hermes birkin!!!!!!!
  6. I have to carry one of my purses!! I dont carry a laptop to work so it would def. be a purse for me!
  7. Comfy pumps like my patent leather Kenneth Cole Reactions. :smile:
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