Business affinity or AbcDior in black?

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  1. I’m looking for a black bag that can go crossbody. Which bag would you pick if you were only going to get one? Thanks!
    I’m trying to keep a classic collection to limit the items in my closet.
  2. Dior
  3. I think these are two quite different bags. Although the price point is similar, the style is quite different! Personally, I used to own a mini lady dior and a medium business affinity (both in black + light gold hw), sold the lady dior recently and am still waiting for the BA to sell in consignment.

    I've tried on the ABC Dior and never liked the thick strap that came with it; it just wasn't flattering on me, for some reason. The medium BA has a strap that really flatters my frame. (For reference, I'm 5"4) The thick strap also makes the Dior a little more casual, though the BA is definitely a bag that can be worn casually as well.

    Considering the compartments, I enjoyed the compartments of the BA a lot because it has a back pocket as well as a zipper pocket that fits things like lip gloss, tampons, pads, pens etc very easily and out of sight. My phone fit in the outside back pocket. The ABC Dior, on the other hand, doesn't have these compartments but only a rather useless inside zipper pocket.

    Would go for the BA. Also found the caviar leather wore very well, I did not experience any rubbing. (I also know someone who sent their BA to leather surgeons, who made the strap removable, which is always an option) But both are great bags, they're both popular for a reason.
  4. ABC Lady Dior gets my vote. It’s a classic with a twist because of the personalization.
  5. I am having the same dilemma as yours. Whenever thinking to purchase Lady Dior, I would try to compare with Chanel. But since you looking for classic, go for Dior.
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