Burn Notice- sunglasses?

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  1. I'm trying to ID these sunglasses- I'm guessing it's an easy one but I'm really bad at this.:shrugs:

    Gabrielle Anwar (Fiona) from Burn Notice. TIA!:smile:

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  2. ^Those are actually two different styles:

    Dolce&Gabbana 8018 in Havana/Brown (White Top)
    Burberry BE4004 in Amber/Gradient Brown (Blue Top)
  3. LOL, silly me- I see that now that it's pointed out. Thanks a bunch!:smile:
  4. Bumping this back to the top, trying to find out what glasses Fiona is wearing in season four, episode 'Friendly Fire'.

  5. no one can ID them?
  6. I am very inept at discerning styles but could they possibly be Versace or Chanel?
  7. they're not chanel and it's doubtful they're Versace