Burgundy slip-ons - hard to match?

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  1. I'm loving all the slip ons these days! I have a pair in camel and am now thinking about getting these from Vince in the pomegranate color. But are these hard to match? I've never had a pair of burgundy shoes before and haven't really seen other people in them either. I wear a ton of black and grey when i go casual so I think they might be ok with jeans. Or I'm thinking about getting a pair in black (but that seems boring) or in the snake print but am having second thoughts because for some reason i feel like they look good on other people but not on me??

    So I guess my choices are burgundy, black or snake?

  2. I think they'd add a nice pop of color to black, gray & denim.
    I've had shoes in this color, but not in this style. I would love a pair, but frankly they are never as cute in my size 40.
  3. I find burgundy an easy color to wear for shoes. I've got a pair of Rag and Bone Kinsey's in burgundy (bordeaux on the box) and wear them with greys, camel, pinks, purples, and navy. It's a nice tone since it isn't the ubiquitous black or brown.
  4. Love these Vince sneakers! I want a pair too -- how is the sizing? I agree with Harpertoo -- burgundy goes well with black, grey, or denim. The only challenge -- this is just me personally-- is being limited to wearing a neutral coloured handbag with these shoes.
  5. Thanks everyone. I think these burgundy ones might be ok but am having second thoughts about python? I saw a lady with a pair of python slip ons with studs on them? Not sure who makes them but they were pretty cool.

    Are Vince shoes comfortable? I've never tried before.

    haha that's what I was thinking too! I have such colorful bags, it's going to be tough choosing a neutral one. So I haven't gotten these yet and I was looking for them online at saks last night bc I think that's where I saw them but I can't find them anymore!