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  1. I am thinking about getting a large burberry nova tote for my birthday and this would be my first burberry. How do they hold up? I am spoiled by the longevity of LV. I noticed that they are coated and seem to be pretty durable. Are they ok to take out in the rain?
    Any information would be appreciated.

  2. They're definitely okay to take out in the rain. Whereas LV is coated canvas, the Burberry totes are made of a tough nylon exterior.

    The only thing about the totes is that I can't justify the price and the workmanship. The handles aren't even real leather, they're just PVC.
  3. Thanks for the info. I am on the burberry website and they are stating handles and trim are leather. Where are you getting your information about the handles?????

  4. Go to Neiman Marcus. They state the handles are PVC. Also, I owned a Burberry tote (just sold it a couple weeks ago on Ebay) and the handles were definitely not real leather.

    I bought my Nova Check at the height of their popularity about 4 years ago so maybe by now they've switched to real leather, or perhaps the large totes come with real leather.
  5. Oh ok...got ya. I will look into this further....I agree if the handles and trim are not leather that will not appeal to me. I guess its back to LV! :smile:
  6. I have had the same Nova check tote for about 4 years now - I carried it for about 3 religiously. Mine still looks like it's new and I still get a ton of comments about it when I wear it. It has been AMAZING quality!
    I clean it w/ baby wipes when it starts to show a little dirt and it looks brand new again!
    Mine has 2 big compartments seperated by a zippered pocket thingy in the center.
  7. I actually bought a Burberry over the weekend, but it was from the Prorsum line. Anyways, I looked at a couple of Novachecks too. The ones I looked at ALL had leather trim/handles/etc. If you're not sure you could always ask.
  8. I agree about the prices. The handles on my small tote aren't in that great of shape, and I've only had the bag for two years, and I don't use it that often :suspiciou It is a cute bag, though. I get a lot of compliments when I carry it.
  9. Your kidding! For the prices Burberry charges, they should at least use leather not PVC or whatever thats called...imho:smile:
  10. All the Novachecks I looked at this weekend had leather trim. I think the PVC is more common on fakes and was something Burberry did a little while back.
  11. Ditto! PVC's are more common on fakes!
  12. Just double-checked. All the detail, trim, straps are leather. It's the Novacheck part--the "canvas" that's PVC. At least this is for the latest stuff that's out.
  13. Oh good....now I am back on my Burberry Birthday!

  14. Well, I definitely did *not* have a fake and I assure you that the handles were *not* leather.

    I suppose Burberry must have changed materials sometime in the past 4 years.

    From Neiman Marcus:
    A go-anywhere tote in classic Burberry check.

    • Novacheck-print PVC.
    • Black top handles.

    It doesn't specify leather or non-leather, but my whole tote was PVC!

    However, I'm glad they're using leather now. Enjoy your tote bag!!!
  15. Hi IntlSet--

    I hope you didn't think I was inferring that you had a fake. I was just commenting on the prevalence of fakes with PVC. It's likely that with Burberry's resurgence they've changed materials to be more competitive.