Burberry - Whats the Story Behind the Canvas?

  1. I was just wondering, whats the story behind the two Burberry prints? One is plain and the other has that horse figure. Has one been around longer than the other or something? Just curious.
    pBUR-1862658dt.jpg pBUR-2044975dt.jpg
  2. is the second the jacquard one? i have the jacquard sling like bag, love it, though its for a minimalist.
  3. The first print is a NOVA CHECK print. I think that one has been out the longest. The second is Burberry Porsom? I might be wrong however. I am not a Burberry expert.

  4. Selena's right - one is a check, and the other is their traditional print with the knights on them.
  5. hi
    in ireland and england people tend to avoid the nova check as they're considered common(white trash) the knight one is better if you want one with a check or go for the prosum line
  6. ^^ Thank you for posting ladies. I like the Burberrys with the knight figures better, the nova check seems too plain & light to me.